The World Is In A State Of Integration…

The World Is In A State Of Integration

What Is Integration?

Integration is a state of flux. You are moving from one paradigm to another. You are levelling up. You are releasing. You might even be clinging onto the old ways of doing and being, whilst simultaneously fighting against what will be. What that state looks like and feels like is not always pretty to the eye.

We can see this integration playing out on a personal, societal and global level. The current obvious players in the integration drama in the West – The U.S. And the U.K are demonstrating beautifully, what that state of flux looks like. The old guard refusing to make way for the new. The corruption and prejudice at the heart of government and wider society, displayed for all to see.

The state of integration highlights everything that needs to change in our world (both personally and globally.) What was hidden comes to light. What needs to be released comes up to be seen, felt and processed. The conflicting viewpoints that we hold become glaringly obvious. A change is trying to emerge and in order for that change to manifest fully, there can be no stone unturned, no shadow left hiding from the light.

Challenging Questions Emerge To Be Answered

Where are we holding onto prejudices, beliefs and conditionings that do not serve the greater good? Where are we longing to return to bygone days that we have glossed over in our memories, as somehow magical and without problems? How are we wishing to cling onto the ego’s fake hold on power, even to our own detriment? And how do we cope when disadvantaged others are no longer willing to be subservient role players in our inner and outer dramas?

The answer is clear. We fight. We attack. We defend. We make outrageous claims. We cover over. We deny. We cling. We fear. We hold our ground. Yet the beauty of integration is that even when we desperately try to hold onto our shaking ground, that ground continues to crumble beneath our collective feet. Because something much greater wishes to be created.

This is what we are seeing on the world stage. Even those in opposition to the re-emergence of fascism and nationalism, are being called to look at their own inner prejudices. Who do I judge? Why do I judge them? What do they represent about where I have been complicit in an unjust system until now? What beliefs have I held onto about my victimhood, my unworthiness, my impotency to create change, that need to be let go of now?

A Personal And Global Dialogue

This is a personal and global dialogue taking place. It isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it is highly disturbing, and yes, even downright alarming. And yet what we are facing so starkly now in the West, is exactly what others in less powerful countries have been facing for years. Their refugees and their migrants tell that powerful story. They seek freedom and a better life – usually in a part of the world that has directly contributed to their refugee or migrant status. Even then, they still face the pain of rejection from these active contributors to their suffering, even in their sincere flight. Thankfully, they have champions and supporters to offset that narrative.

The integration dialogue includes looking at where we stand on both on a personal and global level. Integration energy does not allow us to lie to ourselves. It does not let us continue to do things in the same old toxic ways. It asks us to upgrade, to deepen, to grow. It requires us to really look at what a world out of balance, or a person out of balance, requires to heal their misperceptions. It demands that we face our inner and outer demons head on, seeing them for the illusions they are. And beyond even that, it asks that we explore how our best selves would respond to both these crises and choose consciously, to act from that space.

Playing Your Part

Those who are seeking to actively and consciously integrate the changes happening within and without, are finding themselves having to focus on what is true. They are being forced to look at what is real. They are being called to respond from a much more aware space – one that is respectfully challenging, sincere and sane in its thinking. They are being asked to claim and contribute to, all and anything that can heal us of our inner and outer misperceptions. They are feeling compelled to bring their gifts, passions and talents to the table, in service to the healing of our world. This is the power of integration and it is worthy of our embrace.


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