The Wisdom Of Birds

As I sat in my backyard this morning sipping my cup of coffee looking up at the crystal blue sky, there were several large birds flying overhead. One was on a mission whose path just happen to go directly over my home while a few others lingered and played before continuing on their journey. As I heard the whispering of the large redwood trees swaying and felt the cool morning air on my skin, I had a moment of inspiration (in-spirit knowing). It was so clear. How did I not see this connection earlier. Although, we only perceive the lesson when we are open and clear, there is a lesson in everything we witness!

My lesson this morning wasn’t dramatic or traffic stopping but for me, it was nonetheless powerful.

The bird floats in the sky moving forward, backward, side to side, or even hovering.

He doesn’t think.

He doesn’t doubt.

He is simply guided by his internal compass and his intuition.

Following his knowing.

THAT is how we’re supposed to live our lives.

Guided by our internal compass.

Guided by the whispers of our intuition.

Taking ego and the mind out it. They have their time and place. But being a guide on our human experience is not one of them.

When we live and move through life through the ego and the mind, that is when we lose our way.

We need to follow the wisdom of the birds.

Follow our internal knowing, that internal compass.

Our intuition.

It’s that simple.

In Love & Gratitude,

Joy Arnold

On IG @thespiritofjoy


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Joy Arnold

Joy is a 500 RYT, 200-ERYT, Certified Health Coach, & Reiki Master, with a formal education in nutrition and dietetics.…

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