The Ungrammatical Truth


I is.

I is all.

I am, is not.

I is, is all there is.

I am is but a tiny speck of I obscuring itself to experience what I am is.

I is truth.


Awareness is primary.

Awareness is the only reality.

Our personal selves do not exist in the same way as Awareness.

Awareness precedes us, creates us by un-creating itself.

We are but an expression of Awareness limited by identification with a self.

Still, at heart, I am Awareness.


When I first read Douglas Hofstadter’s book on consciousness, I Am A Strange Loop, I could not get past the incorrect grammar of his assertion. He was not speaking about our personal self. He was talking about the primary Awareness behind that self, that piece of I that cannot be followed by am because it will always be undefined. The title should have read: I Is A Strange Loop.

But no one can speak of these things correctly. Bad grammar would defeat them.

The Jewish name for God is: I Am That I Am. It should read: I Is That I Is.  But that does not engender much respect.

Advaita declares: I Am That. It should say: I Is That.

Only we, as a personal self, can ever declare: I am.

We define ourselves through limitation: I am a writer. I am hungry. I’m a nitwit. Awareness does not declare itself as anything, for it is everything. God and Awareness are the same.  They do not speak. They experience.

That experience is ourselves.

When we hear God speak, that is Awareness using our interior voice. Or, more properly, our thoughts communicating to us what we experience of Awareness. If we experience God, commune with Him, we can only do so in silence.

None of this diminishes God or ourselves. Just the opposite. All is magnified through such understanding.

We fear death. But death is just the closing of a book. Put upon the shelf to look at now and then. The library of Awareness is filled with infinite experience.

We say we sleep. But sleep, to Awareness, is waking up. Deep sleep is restful because we no longer live in limitation. We feel no pain. We feel no fear. We feel no want. But we are not unaware. We are, in that moment, totally aware. And when Awareness sleeps in turn, we become our personal selves again. Picking up where we left off. Garnering experience for Awareness.

There is simply no grammatical way to say it.

I is what I is and that’s all what I is.

Say that, Popeye, if you dare.



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