The Truth About Netflix & Self-Care…

The Truth About Netflix & Self-Care

The truth of anything is that it’s never WHAT you do… it’s WHY you’re doing it!

I’ve been seeing these posts and memes arguing over what “self-care” is…

Shaming certain behaviors as not self-care and praising others as true self-care.

Can we just stop already?!

The point of “self-care” is that it works for YOU.


Only you.

And it FEELS good.

So if hiding in bed with a book for two days feels aligned and rejuvenating to you, do it. If you’re more of a yoga, meditation, and salt bath person, that’s great too.

The point is, sometimes my self-care is a Harry Potter marathon, and sometimes it’s The Walking Dead.  Other times it’s yoga, kriyas, and writing.

It just depends on the day.

You are more complex than can be explained in categories of self-care!

Honor that.

You’ll know the difference between when the Netflix Marathon FEELS good, or when it starts to FEEL heavy and constrictive because now it’s your ego making you want to hideout. There’s a fine line between self-care and overwhelmed hiding out.

I know because as a person who’s struggled with anxiety, depression, being an introvert, an overwhelmed empath, and an INFJ (Yup, ALL the things that equal overwhelm),


Then I learned that this is the way the wounded feminine shows up for me. Only you can know what it looks like for you. Only you can know what feels good for you and what doesn’t.

The point is that even when you realize you are in wounded feminine overwhelm & hiding, that’s ok too. You’re not alone and there’s no shame in any of it.

You are loved whether you’re binge-watching Netflix for 72-hours because you’re depressed and overwhelmed, or whether you’re binge-watching Netflix because that feels amazingly aligned for you and you love shows and movies.

Your soul loves you regardless. Contrary to how it feels sometimes, you can’t fuck this life up.

So the next time someone projects their high-standards or beliefs onto you by telling you what your self-care needs to look like, just ask yourself,

“WHAT’S MY TRUTH about this?”

Is this person a mirror for me secretly judging myself?


Listen to your soul GPS.

You’ll know why you’re doing what you’re doing. And if you feel the need to defend it to them, ask yourself why. You’ll find the answers within.

You are loved!

And no matter where you are on the journey there’s so much more waiting for you and it is all coming to you.

Be wildly you,
Have it all,



Photo cred: Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash


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