The True Face Of Feminine Power…

The True Face Of Feminine Power

As women, we simply can not meet force with force. We are not designed to succeed in this way. Even soliciting the force of the masses, mobilized by our own hurt against an ‘unjust’ force, is a distortion of power.

What we CAN do is first own all the pain and hurt of feeling injustice…inflicted on ourselves, on others. Feeling/knowing this pain to its core (with out using it as fuel to project outward and engage further in the separation) opens us to a profound compassion and depth of power that comes in Truth.

When we stand in the unshakeable power of Truth, we are sovereign, we are not dependent on the external 3D environment to feel a sense of safety and security, validity or understanding. And it is only from this place of self-responsibility and clarity that we can invite a different scenario, beyond the limitations expressed by the distortion.

The Truth I speak of is not ‘my truth’ vs. ‘your truth.’ It is the Truth that is beyond personal story that holds the permeating clarity of non-separation. It is the truth of harmony, of beauty. This is only arrived at, or remembered once we do the deep inner work of accessing and owning all the catalytic emotions that are triggered by our individual story. Only through this alchemy do we arrive at the resting point of tensionless reality…TRUTH.

The other aspect essential in enacting feminine power is Timing. Timing implies an awareness of both the clarity of our inner environment and the fertility of the external environment. When these two align, we can speak in even the quietest voice and permeate the densest darkness.

In humility we open. In being open we move beyond the tension of enacting our own will unto the world. We align with a greater innate harmony, wholeness and from there we move in relation to a cosmic force that is far greater than our own.

I am not discounting the suffering of those that have been involved in these distortions. Our pain is real. I am drawing upon the knowing of our capacity, inviting us to own the pain of injustice within ourselves, to hold ourselves in this until the opening appears, and from here, initiate something new.

This is the true power of the feminine, and it pervades even the darkest corners of distortion by unplugging us from the matrix that feeds the archaic and limited paradigm. The way through lies in our individual sovereignty, self responsibility, and capacity to hold ourselves with out the expectation of being rescued or saved from the outside. When we live and parent ourselves in this way, we can emerge as parents of social justice, enacting a world that empowers, inspires, and is wholesome.

Art Credit:  Polina Ogiy


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