The Top 3 Secrets For Connecting To Your Inner Mermaid…

The Top 3 Secrets For Connecting To Your Inner Mermaid

In today’s world it is not uncommon to hear women associating themselves with being a mermaid or embodying mermaid energy and let’s be honest, the allure of the mermaid is something most of us probably feel on some level.

It seems that some women naturally carry that mysterious and yet enticing sensual energy that can easily grab the attention of both genders while some women feel slightly unsure of how to connect with this aspect of themselves.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you can more easily connect with your inner mermaid?

Well here are the top three secrets….

Secret Number 1:

Learn how to connect on a deeper level with crystal energy.

It has been suggested that mermaids have incredible singing voices so stones such as Larimar and Aquamarine are essential for assisting the vishuddha chakra (e.g. the throat) as well as connecting an individual in with water and emotion energy. Both crystals can be used to help you connect with your inner divine feminine and assist you in expressing your creativity.

Which leads me to Secret Number 2….

Get in touch with your creative side.

This may seem like the easiest thing in the world to some, but to others it may not be something that comes naturally. Mermaids are suggested to be navigators of the inner landscape and are not afraid to explore the shadow realm. Inner work and inner reflection can often be best expressed through creative outlets such as poetry, song, story writing, painting etc. Understanding and integrating your shadow brings you to a deeper sense of self-awareness and knowledge of your innermost aspects. After all, mermaids aren’t really known to hang out in the shallow end of the ocean for too long so it’s important to be comfortable with the deep and have a creative means to express your experience.

Secret Number 3

Live tantrically.

To me, this is probably the biggest key in harnessing mermaid energy. Tantra is most often associated with sex in our western culture; however living tantrically means staying in touch with the five senses in your day-to-day life. Mermaids love luxury, exploring their feelings and are often depicted as very sensual beings. Practicing tantra can be as simple as making your morning coffee a ritual where you breathe in and appreciate the smell of the coffee grounds before putting them in the pot to noting the sensation of the warm mug in your hand and the smell of your morning elixir and how it tastes when it reaches your lips. Of course it can get more complex than that depending on your activities for that day. You can practice tantra no matter where you are or what you are doing. The trick is to stay present with the experience by taking note of how it feels, the sensations that arise, the smells, and anything else that may come into your awareness. Make each moment a full-bodied moment, rich with sensation.

And those are the top three secrets for connecting with mermaid energy. Go ahead and try some or all of these things and if you find some other variation of the things mentioned above, then feel free to be the mermaid that you are and explore!

After all, isn’t that what life is all about?


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