The Stories Behind Our Pictures…

The Stories Behind Our Pictures

I posted a picture today of my family and it got dozens of likes and comments. It was one of those pictures that seemed to capture the “perfect” moment. We were at the beach–everyone was smiling. Everyone was looking. It seemed to embody peace and joy and pure love–the kinds of things we dream of when we think of starting a family.

I know there were some people who looked at that picture and thought “wow she has it all together” or “I wish I had that” or “it must be nice” or “she’s so lucky”. There may have been others who said “ugh stop bragging about your life” or “why does she need to post something like that?”

In the society that we live in where people share everything on social media and you know a lot about a person’s life without even having a conversation with them, it is easy to create stories from what we do see. It is easy to think that someone else has it all together or is lucky or doesn’t deal with the same struggles or the same challenges that you do. And depending on your perspective sometimes you may think that people are posting their “perfect” pictures to remind you of what you don’t have, but I want you to consider another perspective: maybe they are posting their pictures to remind themselves of what they do have.

The human journey has its ups and downs–it is a series of moments that we attach meaning to over and over again. And sometimes we need to capture those good moments–to remind ourselves of our big picture.

What people didn’t see in that picture was the full out meltdown my daughter had just had. The self doubt that I felt about being her mama. The stress my husband was feeling. All of the prayers that it took to conceive that little baby I was holding.

The picture doesn’t often capture the storm–it captures the rainbow. And it reminds us that we need to put up with the rain to appreciate the rainbow.


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