The Skincare Routine That Makes Me Feel Beautiful Every Day…

The Skincare Routine That Makes Me Feel Beautiful Every Day

Let’s face it, everyone loves waking up in the morning, stepping out the door and feeling beautiful and ready for the day. I know for me there is no better feeling than waking up, showering, putting on one of my favorite comfy clothes and feeling confident and happy about myself. However, instead of caking on a ton of makeup to boost my confidence, I prefer to provide a reliable everyday skincare routine that freshens my skin and makes me feel naturally beautiful everyday.

There are so many skin routines to experiment with and everyone’s skin reacts very differently than others’ skin. Personally, I love using a modified Korean skincare routine. It isn’t as long as a traditional Korean skincare routine, but I believe it does just enough for my type of skin. Below are the instructions for a skincare routine that will perk up your skin before walking out the door:

1) Cleanser:

Here, there are two types of manners of the initial cleanse. If you wear makeup, it is very important that you do your first cleanse with an oil cleanser. The oil cleanser does a wonderful job at removing any makeup (mascara, lipstick, foundation etc.) Personally, my favorite oil cleanser is a Korean cleanse called Banila Clean it Zero Sherbet Cleanser. Not only does it smell delicious and fruity, but it rubs on like soft butter. It feels so smooth to rub it on your face and when rinsed with water, the makeup runs off your face easily.

After your oil cleanser, it is important to use a water-based, foam cleanser of some sort. This is meant to remove more natural based excess oils in your skin. You don’t have to be too picky with what type of cleanser you use. But personally my favorite skincare line is Eminence Organics. They are a Hungarian all-natural, plant-based skincare line and they feel wonderful on your skin, especially knowing there are no harsh chemicals in them.

My favorite cleanser is the exfoliating Blueberry soy cleanser, which has natural gentle exfoliating acids as well as calming soy. However, the product line is kind of expensive. A cheaper cleanser that I also enjoy just as much is Neogen Dermalogy Real Fresh Foam Green Tea Cleanser. Not only is it super affordable, it uses real tea leaves as well.

2) Exfoliate:

I don’t like doing this every day because it is too harsh on my skin. But generally, once or twice a week, I enjoy a gentle manual exfoliation. Exfoliation is great because it helps remove all the dry dead skin cells clinging onto your skin, especially in the winter when it is super dry. My favorite product for exfoliating is Ocean Salt by Lush. The sea salt does at an amazing job at scrubbing off all those dead skin cells and it leaves your skin super soft as well.

3) Toner:

After cleansing, balancing the pH of your skin is imperative so you don’t break out as easily. I generally use a gentle and not harsh toner. Many american toners are really strong and drying and contain chemicals, but I generally find using organic rose water or witch hazel toners to be cleansing, kill bacteria but also moisturizing. Simpler is always better for your skin. Don’t fight your skin.

4) Moisturizer and supplements:

My favorite and last part of my skin routine is moisturizing. It is vital that you moisturize your skin after so much cleansing; if you don’t, your own skin will compensate and overproduce oil to make up for its lack of oils and that will cause breakouts. If you are also looking for extra ways to improve your skin even beyond your daily routine, consider taking supplements such as bhmd dermal repair complex, your skin will thank you.


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