The September Super New Moon In Virgo Accelerates Our Personal And Collective Evolution…

The September Super New Moon In Virgo Accelerates Our Personal And Collective Evolution

A Super New Moon in Virgo is approaching the Earth on September 17th, 2020 creating a greater pool for personal and collective evolution. Virgo likes to bring everything into the open and look at it from a practical angle ruling anything to do with natural healing, health, hygiene, cleaning, order, and simplifying.

This New Moon is uploading a strong feminine/maternal frequency that will open the doors of the heart while dismantling outdated patriarchal and harsh ways of living in this world.

Virgo is a hearty and grounding sign that is helping us transition out of the summer and into the autumn season, bringing focus and clarity to make our plans go smoothly as we move into the last quarter of this year.

Looking at the bigger picture of the Virgo season, we can see how it has been about re-evaluating our focus and our strengths, so we can get a closer look at our habits and belief systems.

Are you aware of what you create with your choices?

Are you living in coherence with what you believe?

Are you still allowing time to be a tyrant, and allow fear to boss you around?

The Virgin frequency present in this constellation is awakening the curiosity, playfulness, and lightness of the heart that has been forgotten under piles of collective traumas and abuse of the spirit/feminine. Because the feminine has been stuck in the victim consciousness, the world has been chained in abusive programmings that penalize women, children, nature, while promoting wars.

Virgo is marking the beginning of the end of the blinding victim consciousness that has kept the more sensitive beings in a space of abuse and shock.

Through a new discernment (a gift of Virgo) you will be able to be present to the micro choices that create your days and lifestyle.

Your health, your family and close relationships, your intimate relationship, your finances, your work, and passions, your spiritual growth, will become the homogeneous playground of your evolution; a constant opportunity for shifts that create self-empowerment.

While, in the past, Virgo’s natural inclination for organization and discipline has been misunderstood for pedantry and boredom, and the devotion for service for “servitude”, it is now clearly operating into higher realms of frequency to bring to the surface the importance of the feminine contributions to the world.

This New Moon energy will align our efforts towards matters of wellness, fitness, a renewed significance to the service to others, while closely examining the details of our plans to ensure they fulfill our expectations of transformation and satisfaction at the very core of our existence.

By adopting a more organic lifestyle, we can ride the wave of freedom that comes from reclaiming the right of being heard and respected at every level and in every form of the feminine. It is through the path of love and kindness, that we can enrich our relationships, heal the planet, and bring peace in the world.

Mercury, the communicator, will accentuate our sensitivity and ability to use words to create awareness inside and around us. Mars went retrograde on September 9, to also facilitate a rebranding of our communication style. Also with the Sun and Saturn working together, we’ll find ways to purge what is limiting us.

Join me for New Moon in Virgo – Sound Healing Video Meditation on September 17 at 5:30 PM EST.


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