The Secrets We Keep And The Power Of Understanding Them…

The Secrets We Keep And The Power Of Understanding Them

Do you have secrets?

Obsessions? Dark details about yourself that you’d never dream of divulging to anyone? So do I. I believe we all do, and we have good reason to avoid discussing or examining some of those murky emotions and instincts that live within us. They don’t feel good, they’re embarrassing, we don’t understand them.

Pluto rules Scorpio and is all about the the taboo, aka all of those parts of ourselves that we don’t want discovered, and we don’t want to see. And yet, Scorpio in the chart points to where we must have the courage to do the deep inner work, to shine light into those places, in order to have a spiritual or emotional awakening.

It simply isn’t possible to transform our familial relationships, our habitual behaviors and our toxic repetitive thought patterns, if we aren’t willing to examine our relationship with taboo things like trust, intimacy, control, sex, death and secrets.

Jupiter is currently in the sign of Scorpio. Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius, and invites us to expand, to learn and to seek knowledge from places, cultures and teachers outside of us, and use it to our advantage. The combination of Jupiter and Scorpio is pushing us to evolve in big, expansive ways (and has been since October of 2017).

Jupiter turned retrograde on March 8, 2018. From a scientific standpoint, retrograde means that a planet appears to be travelling backward in the sky. From an astrological standpoint, retrograde periods slow us down and ask us to adjust, to put our emotional vehicles into reverse. While in reverse, we cannot go fast, our senses must heighten in order to gather the information we need in order to navigate. In other words, a retrograde period asks us to go back from where we just came and examine the things that have happened. It’s through this lens that we become able to fully grasp the themes and lessons that have arrived to be worked out.

Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio is an interesting combination in that Jupiter brings excess in the form of excitement and adventure; Jupiter is freedom seeking. Pluto bring excess in a different way. Pluto pushes us (hard!) to confront the places in our psychology that we would prefer to keep hidden. “Why do I have control issues? Why do I have sexual issues?” Pluto wants to know, and frankly, won’t stop asking.

Jupiter traveling in the sign of Scorpio is a bit like musical stars Justin Timberlake and Marilyn Manson doing a concert together. Imagine Justin Timberlake, a force in his own right, his intensity derived from the sheer amount of golden light that he exudes, his “larger than life-ness” pushing those around him to want more, more, more. Now imagine Marilyn Manson, just as potent, but in the other direction. He repels us yes, we don’t understand him and yet, he beckons us to lean in closer because on some level we relate to his darkness. We want to watch him, in hopes that he helps us understand ourselves.

So, what does all of this mean for us? As Jupiter in Scorpio retrogrades between March 8th and July 10th 2018, we must go back and examine what we’ve learned (especially since October of 2017 when Jupiter first entered Scorpio).

We must be willing to lean into our inner Marilyn and examine our old, dark belief patterns. In doing this, we can help them disintegrate and wash away. This will make room for our inner Justin to shine and open us to new, fresh and expansive belief patterns.

It’s time to work on understanding our darkness and our secrets. Let’s acknowledge our hypersensitivities and speak about them. This will help us process and transform. Honesty (with ourselves) about our own part in our own pain, will allow us to walk through the fire and rise like the phoenix from the proverbial ashes.

Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio supports us in doing this and more. Now is the time.

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