The Secrets Of Ancient Meditation Techniques…

The Secrets Of Ancient Meditation Techniques

If you’re interested in learning the mechanics of ancient meditation techniques, you’ll want to check out Osho’s book, The Secrets of Ancient Meditation Techniques. It explains the mechanics of each technique and answers questions from the audience. It also contains several references to ancient texts including the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads.

Osho’s book explains the mechanics of ancient meditation techniques

In his book, Osho explains the mechanics of ancient meditation techniques. He recommends practicing each technique for three days or three weeks. He also answers questions from the audience.

Benson’s book The Relaxation Response

Herbert Benson’s book, The Relaxation Response, de-mystifies meditation and renames it “The Relaxation Response.” Research has proven that meditation reduces stress and improves health. Regular meditation helps decrease blood pressure and the resting heart rate. This is because meditation counteracts the physiological effects of stress.


The Upanishads are a collection of ancient texts that explore the inner world and how to cultivate awareness. Written over many centuries, they are based on the experiences and knowledge of ancient yogis. While tradition claims there are over two hundred Upanishads, Shankara commented on just eleven of them, known as the “principal Upanishads.” The Upanishads are written in beautiful poetic verse, descriptive short stories, and dialogues between historical figures.

Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita contains some of the most ancient meditation techniques known to man. The sixth chapter speaks of meditation on the pure Self and God, while the seventh and eighth chapters describe meditation on the form of the Universe. These ancient meditation techniques can help you overcome your inner limitations and attain total freedom.

Vajrayana tradition

The Vajrayana tradition focuses on tantra techniques such as Maha-ati and Dzogchen. These techniques are considered superior to the more common Mahayana practices. They are considered more skillful and provide a quicker path to liberation.


The ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism is a valuable teaching for meditation. The Taoist philosophy focuses on becoming one with the ‘Tao’, or ‘universal wisdom,’ and is based on meditation practices that combine mindfulness, contemplation, and visualization.


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