The Secret To A Perfect Smile…

The Secret To A Perfect Smile

Like flashing those pearly whites wherever you go? Then tell me, what kind of hygiene is more important than brushing your teeth every day?

Possible answers: None. Flossing. Some kind of toxic whitening product?

While all these are possibilities, here’s a different answer: Energy Hygiene.

Do you know what it is?

Are you tending to it daily?

Are you skeptical of its importance?

It’s as critical as your oral hygiene and worth your attention. I’ll break down what it is, why it’s important, and how to practice cleanliness on the deepest level so you can shine your brightest.

What is Energy Hygiene?

Everything in this universe is made of energy. This is quantum physics. Your body is made of energy just like everything we perceive as form.

So I propose a thought experiment: If we take a portion of the time devoted to cleansing and improving our physical bodies, and invest that in clearing our energy, our appearances will change more profoundly. Wouldn’t cleansing our essence lead to a purified body as well?

I’m not saying we should disregard the physical realm. We can’t do that. If we could, we’d all be flying and walking through walls. However, solely addressing the physical plane isn’t going to lead to lasting change either. If we are not purifying on an energetic level—the very basis for our existence—the underlying muck and murk remain.

You can brush your teeth all you want, but unless you are cleansing on an energetic level, the decay remains under the surface.

In fact, your body purifies itself daily. This is the detoxification process. In a healthy body, digestive organs process out anything that enters the body that is not needed for nutritional value and the production of energy. Every time you go to the bathroom, your body is physically flushing out toxins and waste.

This is a natural process. However, in our current Industrial Growth Society, we are overloaded with toxicity—from the processed foods we eat, the pollutants in the air, and even ideas and belief systems that don’t benefit healthy, whole individuals and ecosystems.

Our bodies need extra help to cleanse from this environmental barrage of toxicity—and I’m calling it Energy Hygiene.

Why is Energy Hygiene important?

Energy hygiene clears environmental interlopers, while getting to the root of their origin.

Two people encounter the same germs; one gets sick, the other doesn’t. Why?

One person is vulnerable. Something in their system is not prepped to defend against the toxic entity.

Since germs and viruses are also made of energy, our best preventative method is implementing Energy Hygiene into our physical hygiene routine. It will defend against toxic entities, eradicate them at the deepest level, and provide a host of other benefits:

  • Want to sleep better?
  • Feel happier and aligned with your purpose?
  • Exude a more vibrant appearance?
  • Feel confident in your body and daily life?

I can tell you from personal experience that all of these benefits occur from practicing Energy Hygiene daily. I went from catching a cold every other week while living in NYC to being sick-free for years. I honestly can’t remember the last time I caught a common cold. My skin was a disaster zone, explosions everywhere. My face now radiates a healthy glow; I am pimple-free and loving it. I feel incredibly connected to my work, loved ones, and the planet as a result. I have gained the confidence that comes from being attuned with the loving energy of the universe.

And it’s not just me. I’ve witnessed what happens to my clients when they go all in with Energy Hygiene as their primary practice. Their resulting reality shifts in the most miraculous ways; from eye color changes to eradicating allergies and medications for chronic illnesses, the physical transformations know no bounds. But the main reason we don’t focus on energy is that we are conditioned to focus on everything else. Getting good grades, taking care of others, making money, and the list goes on. It takes commitment to shift your perception, deprogram what you’ve been taught, and focus on what is important (yet unseen).

Once you experience how Energy Hygiene works in your life, you will undeniably know its importance. You become a more productive, healthier, joyful human and your physical environment is impacted on its deepest level.

How to practice Energy Hygiene

Let’s use our oral care routine as a guide.

Oral care includes:

1. Clearing: daily brushing and flossing to get the accumulated gunk out.

2. Management: ongoing care to keep teeth and gums healthy. This includes a healthy diet, regular dentist visits, not bashing your face on walls, etc.

3. Healing: when you discover something amiss, such as pain or internal corruption, tend to it in a special way. Generally, this means seeing a doctor.

If you follow this exact protocol with your energy, you will have the cleanest mouth and life in town.

Energy care:

1. Clearing: daily releasing of energetic cords, attachments, blockages, and obstacles to get the accumulated gunk out.

2. Management: ongoing care to keep your energy healthy. This includes energy clearing practices, as well as tending to your external environment by what no longer serves you, ending toxic relationships, decluttering your home/workspace, etc.

3. Healing: when you discover something amiss, such as pain or internal corruption, tend to it in a special way. Generally, this means seeing a healer. In the best-case scenario, this means doing a self-healing.

One troubling aspect of energy work is the severe lack of emphasis on the Energy Clearing process; it’s number one on the list for a good reason. Every day we take in all kinds of toxicity that gets stuck, creating various problems. A similar kind of bacterial build-up that happens in your mouth happens in your energy body.

The physical is important to tend to. However, it’s generally the final sign that something underneath is infected or out of balance. Rest assured, you will need to tend to the physical much less if you go for the root cause of any symptom.

The good news: Energy Clearing is simple to learn and practice daily—if you take your Energy Hygiene as seriously as brushing your teeth.


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