The Secret Key

Are there areas of your life where you feel imbalanced, stuck or unhappy? Do you want to resolve those challenges and find greater balance, freedom and inner peace?

Most of us would answer yes. But most of us would also feel it’s difficult if not impossible to change our circumstances or ourselves. Maybe we have already tried many things, dabbled in various healing arts and new age workshops, made a little progress now than then, but inevitably fell back into our old ways.

Onestly, the formula for personal transformation is simple… and you have the power to fully affect it in your life. Here it is: old behaviors equal old results, new behaviors bring new results.

No matter how much we wish otherwise, old behaviors will always produce old results. We can talk to therapists, take pills, chant mantras and contemplate our chakras, but if we are still eating junk food every day we will not be healthy. If we are still drinking five glasses of wine every night we will still wake up with hangovers. If we are stuck in our egos and always judging everyone and everything, we still will be constricted, angry, fearful and dissatisfied with life.

The secret key to all transformations is new behaviors. They must be implemented with devotion and discipline, practiced every day until they become habits, and so integrated into our lives that we can’t help but affirm them every day.

If we try to change everything in our life at once, we are setting ourselves up for failure and our old behaviors will triumph and deepen. Take one thing at a time. Choose what you feel might be the easiest shift to make in your life. Believe in yourself. Have courage. Stay at it every day with complete detachment as to the outcome.

Soon enough, that new behavior will take hold. You will have transformed that aspect of your life. You will be empowered to address the next thing. Nothing can stop you now. You have the secret key.


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Doroty Wieczorek

I’m a life lover & yoga enthusiast. I love cooking & reading. As I love books, I love to write…

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