The Science Of Clearing Your Energy…

The Science Of Clearing Your Energy

Dis-EASE is completely ‘curable’ if you listen to your body.

Energy is something that is exchanged all of the time with ourself, others and objects. My head wants to explode when people say we need to clear all of the negative energy from within. We don’t! We need to clear the UNNEEDED energy. Our cells thrive on positive and negative energy. If you tell your body to get rid of negative energy it needs, to keep the cell functioning at optimal performance, then you are putting yourself on the track of dis-EASE.

I was once hospitalized for over 3 months in the ICU. Yes, 3 months!! I had an infection in my lymph system that would NOT go away even with the strongest antibiotics created, literally.

I had enough of the modern medicine. I signed myself out against medical advice. Being a nurse, EVERYONE, thought I was completely insane. But it was the opposite. I had empowered myself with so much knowledge that I had to take action. I began to listen to myself. Trust myself and believe in myself.

My physical body had been sending such strong signals that I had been ignoring prior to the hospitalization that I finally figured it out where I had gone so wrong. My inner guidance system, the neurological system, was screaming bloody murder at me but I chose to ignore it completely.

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘huh, I think I should have… or man, I wish I would have…’ when you think back upon a moment that you felt out of wack? THIS is you choosing to ignore your inner guidance system. Your subconscious and neurological system are always trying to guide you to the best possible outcome. It is a matter of choice.

Being in total alignment with your physical body allows your conscious mind to flow freely with trust and ease. That self doubt diminishes and you believe in yourself so much so that you can act on your immediate decisions.

Clearing your unneeded energy is a necessity to keep your body grounded, aligned and at optimal performance.


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Ashleigh Boyd is a wife, momma and nurse. She is a powerful healer who’s soul’s name is: The Healing One.…

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