The Science And Spirituality Of Flower Essences…

The Science And Spirituality Of Flower Essences

The Power of Flower Therapy

We all love it when we receive a beautiful bouquet or when our date shows up, corsage in hand, wearing a lovely boutonniere.

Likewise, it fills our own soul up to be the bearer of flowers and see them brighten someone’s life.

Philosophers and spiritualists from around the world have used flowers as symbols and representations of their beliefs, from the East Indian Lotus to the Sufis’ association with the Rose.

Flowers can instantaneously bring a smile of joy to our faces and meaning into our lives.

But did you also know that flower essences, also made up from bushes and trees, can help heal your emotional and psychological burdens from the inside out?

While you might be thinking that healing is achieved only through the aromatic qualities of the flower, floral essences actually work though ingestion, not just through the sense of smell.

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How do Flower Essences Work?

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Modern science still does not have a solid understanding of why or how flower essences work, but early nature healers surmised that there was an esoteric connection between humans and plants where the plant is able to connect energetically to the higher self, and therefore help the person to resolve their issues.

Flower essences have been used for decades to improve many psychosomatic issues and to help work through a variety of emotional maladies.

Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) originally classified flower essences into roughly 7 different groups that address emotional issues.

  • The emotional state of fear often responds well by using Aspen, Cherry Plum, Mimulus, Red Chestnut and Rock Rose.
  • Over-caring for the well-being of others can often be lessened by using Beech, Chicory, Rock Water, Vervain and Vine.
  • Experiencing feelings of despondency or despair? Crab Apple, Elm, Larch, Oak, Pine, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut and Willow are often used to reduce these feelings.
  • Heather, Impatiens and Water Violet are often used to decrease feelings of loneliness.
  • Do you notice that you are often over-sensitive to the suggestions of others? Agrimony, Centaury, Holly and Walnut may minimize others’ influence over you.
  • One that many of us struggle with is not being present in the moment. Chestnut Bud, Clematis, Olive, Honeysuckle, Mustard, White Chestnut and Wild Rose can help us increase our attention to the here and now.
  • Overpowering feelings of uncertainty? Cerato, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Scleranthus and Wild Oat may just be what is needed to increase confidence and elicit feelings of empowerment.

So How do You Find the Right Remedy?

First, one must be interested in learning more about his/herself by examining self-characteristics, being responsible for oneself, keeping an open state of mind about possible cures and of course, being open to change.

  1. Center yourself through meditation. Take a quiet walk in nature or do some yoga.
  2. Think about how you are feeling by using your heart, not your mind (this will be easier if you have centered/grounded yourself).
  3. Establish or re-establish a connection to your higher self. Sit quietly, speak to yourself and most importantly…listen.
  4. Trust yourself- you know what is best for you above all others. You will do what is right for you.
  5. Identify, through your heart, what is really going on inside of yourself (that which you want to heal).
  6. Breathe and focus on where you want to be with your emotions. Resist the urge to beat yourself up about not being where you want to be – you are already on your way!
  7. Explore the different flower essences available on the market (or you can make your own which I will explain in a future blog) and pick those flower therapies (one or more) that intuitively link to where you want to go emotionally.

In the next article I will provide more in depth information about individual flower therapies and how those are most likely to positively influence your moods and emotions.

Continue reading about treating fear and uncertainty with oils!


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