The Role Of Non-duality In Assuring Black Lives Always Matter…

The Role Of Non-duality In Assuring Black Lives Always Matter

During the 8th century in the southern Indian state of Kerala, a great sage by the name of Adi Shankaracharya founded the principles of Advaita Vedanta. The term, Advaita, literally translates to nonduality. In the purest form, nonduality tells us we are one with the all-pervasive consciousness, called, Brahman. Adi Shakaracharya lived very piously, leaving the physical world at the tender age of 32 years. Today, as we are living in the kaliyuga, a time of great turmoil and tribulation, we are witnessing significant transformation. We are existing primarily from our abodes, to prevent acquiring the Covid-19 infection. Our voices have risen, to protest the brutality against innocent African American brothers and sisters at the hands of law enforcement. For many of us, we feel helpless and overwhelmed by the clutches of discrimination against people of color. However, we have the power within us to spark the transformation and ignite a major ascension.

Nonduality does not necessarily mean “I don’t see color.” When we say this to one of our African American brothers or sisters, the underlying message is one of failing to recognize their physical attributes, which is a part of how we identify ourselves. As we incorporate this concept of nonduality, we must recognize the beauty of each person’s outer layer, regardless of the lightness or depth of their complexion. However, what lies within is essentially the same as Brahman. It is how we are all connected to our Universe and our fellow humans.

We are essentially reflections of one another. What we see in others, are qualities we have within ourselves. It is very important to see ourselves as the beautiful manifestations of love that we are. When love becomes the basis for how we see ourselves and make our choices, we easily see this quality within others. Our awareness of the love that exists within and connects all of us guides to treat each other with compassion and honor.

Being that we are all reflections of one another, it is also important to recognize the beauty of each person’s physical characteristics. We are all blessed with the different shades of our skin, color of our eyes, brightness of our smiles. Each of us is gifted with a unique outer wrapping, that comprises this beautiful humanity. It is the Divine will of our Universe to have so many varieties of presentation. We are intricate details of the perfection of the Universe. It is also our duty to embrace each delicate detail with which the Universe gifts us.

In addition to embracing our uniqueness, we must be open to listening to everyone’s stories. There is so much to learn from each other. Each soul, within the beautiful cover, sings a sonnet of experience, growth, and accomplishment. Our souls convey a story for teaching us how perfect and amazing we all are. Souls encased in a lovely physical form that is black will always matter, as their stories are compelling, inspiring, and vital component of our human tapestry. Our African American brothers and sisters carry the wisdom and resilience bestowed by their ancestors. Humanity thrives when all of these lessons are imparted and provide the springboard for our souls’ elevation. Each of us are a Divine soul encased in a beautiful vessel, with our own cracks and wounds. Like in the Japanese tradition, it is in those wounds that we tell our stories.

As we are more aware of our connectedness, we also change how we treat others. Every soul exists for a purpose in the Universe. The body we are given is also a blessing from the Divine Source, as we are all reflections of the Divine. We must see this connectedness in everyone regardless of their skin tone, so we can assure that black lives always matter. In the words of the inimitable Eckhart Tolle, “Every being is the spark of the Divine.”


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