The Quest To Do Your Best…

The Quest To Do Your Best


“But the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,

Goodness, and faithfulness” (Galatians 5:22)

The right spirit within us shall make us the people to be more loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, and faithful. Creating deep inside of us as humans to be gentle, sensitive, and respectful, with some measure of self-controlled. If memory serves me well; there are no such laws to prevent one is behaving in any of these ways.

It shall be prudent to become aware of, “What lies behind us, and what lies before us, is minuscule, as compared to what lies within us.

However, the elected officials and professional politicians and pundits are not always complicit with the general populist of the country, nation, and the world, on ways of how to be more prepared to handle matters, situations, and circumstances of catastrophic proportion. In the throes of the pandemic COVID-19, this has brought an enormity of uncertainties in America and across the land of other countries.

It seems there are a huge gap and a decisive void when it comes to having an effective conversation and/or any dialog of meaningful discussion between the populist and the national politicians. There exists an element of being ill-informed or instances of arrogance, ignorance, or possibly just being self-serving at the highest level of leadership in the country.

Even the media seemly has been equally uninterested in the scientific evidence regarding outdoor transmission of the coronavirus infections. The Asians, in particular, Japan calls it the three ‘C’s: confined space, crowded space, and close contact.

The public health experts have also contributed to some Government Malfeasance regards the latest and best ways of behavioral patterns. Such as not disclosing that the outdoors was, and is, the safest place to be and that people should get out of their homes into the fresh air.

It is not coincident, that the experts’ newfound power over a lot of every aspect of life for American was, and is, dependent on the maintaining of fear. The annuals of historical record that the coronavirus pandemic has been demographically lower than the previous flu pandemics of 1968, 1956, and 1918 during the adjusted population.

It shall behoove the officials to explore and embrace the best attributes that lie within them, as the country looks at the arbitrary set of guidelines to restart up again. Even though with the official re-opening, many customers will be a bit reluctant to resume their usual normal habits. Uppermost in their minds shall be the memory of usual fear-mongering of the media, experts, pundits, and elected leaders. Because the unnecessary fear treatment and the psychological effects of unemployment can bring forth stress, anxiety, and depression.

This can perpetuate the disruption of a person’s modalities. Which translates to basic body functioning efficiencies being impaired. Thus a conditional state of ‘Crisis’ becomes a level of tension, anger, and frustration.

Therefore, to curtail such a Crisis State one must ascribe to a coping methodology. Which can begin with the search for finding and focusing on the advent of Hope, which gives rise to ways to cope, ultimately establishing the connection for healing within the disruption of the impaired modalities?

In would good to enter into meditation, have some quiet time in solidarity, and the process of prayer at the conclusion. The following thought processes can be part and parcel of that quiet time. Sitting relaxed and either silently thinking or saying this meditation motto of spiritual centering and balancing:

“There is no storm that a source of a higher power, won’t carry me through; No Bridge, that the Source; won’t help me cross. No Battle that the Source won’t help me win, I am trusting in God, and I shall never give up.”

Once the meditation is finished you can; if you desire to do so, recite the following Victory Motto:

“I refuse to, and will not be in Chaos;

Because God is my Calm.”

I Shall, and I will not fear the storms;

God is my Shelter

I refuse to, and will not live in Panic or Crisis

Because God Is My Peace…”

Steve Braxton, Life coach, Crisis Intervention counselor & Therapist, Ordained minister, Freelance writer & Blogger,,


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