The Principle Of Mentalism

“The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental…”

Have you ever thought about our ability to craft stories?

I mean… really think about it for a second.

I can’t be the only one that’s thoroughly blown away by the fact that we just so happen to have this innate ability to create deeply rich and expansive cultures, characters, and histories just by thinking about it for long enough.

We’ve envisioned countless numbers of intricate and involved worlds – all of them, in a way, real – all of them woven into the fabric of what it is to be human.

And we’ve been doing it since the very beginnings of our existence.

The Mind.

The mind is the root of who we are. That unexplainable aspect of us that is, for all intensive purposes, the only aspect of us.

And The Principle of Mentalism persists that the mind is the only true aspect of anything.

And as far as we’re concerned, this is the truth.

Consider, if you will, a delicious sandwich…

Mmmmm, Taste

Okay, now imagine that you were aware in a dream and wanted a sandwich, what would you do?

You’d simply think about it of course – and then poof, you’d have a sandwich.

Now, let’s take the same principle and translate it over to the waking world. Let’s say you’re just chillin out and want a sandwich – how do you get it?

Again, you’d simply think of wanting the sandwich. Only this time you’d have to think about getting the ingredients, putting them together, and then following up on those thoughts with action.

The only difference is that manifesting in the dream is like moving through air – effortless and immediate.

While manifesting in the waking world is more like moving through water – slower and takes more effort.

Even though the process is different, the result is the same.

Thought about sandwich = sandwich.

Following this logic, reality is ultimately based in the realm of idea and concept – at least in the sense that your thoughts, and subsequent action relative to those thoughts, leads you to what you experience.

And there is true power in understanding this, because the more in tune you are with this concept, the more capable you become in applying it. You begin to “see” it working in real time, so to speak.

And when you’re able to see it, your influence over it increases. You gain the ability to perform “mental alchemy” – the act of consciously changing one’s own mental states and conditions, as well as the mental states and conditions of those around you.

You become the antenna putting out the signal rather than simply another receiver.

And this can absolutely lead to near immediate benefits. A deeper awareness of self in relation to the mind, and the mind in relation to the rest of the world, leads you to taking actions that promote better health on all planes – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

And success of every kind is a result of one thing – health, in one form or another. But getting to this point takes a critical level of self reflection – one that can only be achieved through strenuous (and even painful) internal analyzation.

Because most people hold their beliefs on a subconscious level, which can lead to conflict with conscious thought. When you make your beliefs synonymous with truth, you only end up seeing that which you believe.

As a result, realization, change, and eventual application of the principle of mentalism can only come from one thing –

Focused Attention

This is the key, and it’s through meditation, self reflection, and intentional action that we are able to cultivate focused attention – and make no mistake, all that humans have ever achieved is simply the result of this practice.

It truly is that simple, but do not confuse simple with easy – because for most, this is not. That’s why it is only ever the few that truly achieve the heights of what is possible through this principle – but if you channel it, cultivate it, and harness its power, you will give yourself the tools necessary to improve both your internal and external worlds.

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