The Power Within: Healing…

The Power Within: Healing

The trope that healing childhood trauma is anything but messy is bullshit. Sea salt to a fresh wound, Soul work is viciously raw. During cycles of regeneration karmic themes reappear ruthlessly, often in the form of temptation. The Universe poses the question, how far is one willing to go for their hidden desires? The choice is yours and ultimately the consequence is as well. Self-discipline is the secret ingredient in the practice of fulfillment— the base is contentment, being resilient with acceptance. Trust your path, life is but a journey of subjective realities— stay in your lane. Explore your boundaries, you are responsible for validating you. You are the love you’ve been dreaming of. An act as delicate as expansion must be honored through a steady grind. Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments.

The first step is to begin. Get out of bed. Brush your teeth. Wash your face. Have a nourishing meal. Take care of yourself. Self-care, self-discipline, self-awareness, self-respect and self-love are not destinations with one-way travel. They are an intimate, internalized quest with challenges that you continuously work through. Along the way you learn what colors your life, where your magick is stored and how best to live in accordance with your truth. Take in each moment and allow yourself to fully bask in the abundance of your present existence. You have to believe yourself worthy of peace and joy.

The second step is to do it all again. Aim to lighten the burden on your Spirit each day. Alchemize the energy you have daily by prioritizing your well being. Stand strong in your No’s. Make decisions without explaining them away. Take time away for yourself. Take charge of your health. Meditate. Read. Write. Rap. Pray. Sing. Dance. Play an instrument. Take a nap. Get some sun. Drink some water. Clear your living space. Be patient with yourself; allow yourself all the time you need to heal, and embrace the healing as it restores your power.


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