The Power Of Now

Our idea of growth and evolution seems to be based on repetition and memory. We keep measuring failure and success comparing them to the past and to the feelings and thoughts we had.

We create some patterns based on the perception of our five senses and we reiterate them in cycles. We believe that our time revolves around cycles, loops. We think that this Monday is another Monday, this May is another May and each season welcomes us again with our usual luggage. What I have witnessed in time is that stress and frustration are the most frequent results of our “ success formulas “ endlessly repeated thinking that because it worked once it will always do. Sometimes we even tend to emulate others because we think their routine works fabulously on them. I remember myself trying to practise what proved to work for others but without success for me. Was I doing something wrong? Was I less able than others? I ended up doubting myself.

Then, I came to realise that the way I perceived and experienced time was illusionary.

I was running after time waiting to jump on the next opportunity showing up in the same way again. Then, something broke, something changed. Somehow I realised that every instant is different from the previous one. Every single second life brings a new opportunity to renew and refresh with full potential.

The continuous new opportunity that comes with every second shows us how much life cares about us.

Every instant we are given the chance to make the difference.

I read once that every second contains the solution to the problem at hand because every one of them contains the perfection of the whole creation. Instead, we look at the future waiting for the answer to our problems to occur one moment or another postponing the momentum, wasting the full message.

Some time ago I was observing my partner working online with his stocks. Somehow it drew my attention and I asked some questions to get more insight into the matter. Interestingly enough I was told that sometimes formulas might apply but most of the action is around following the single variations on the graphs and act accordingly. It seems to be a system with multiple variables, multiple factors at play.

I had the feeling that you can only be there with your mind, your knowledge, your courage, taking risks, getting more insight, keeping calm, knowing how far you can go, using your sixth sense.

Can you wake up with a plan in mind and make sure it will work out ? Can you repeat what worked yesterday? The answer is no.

I thought this was an interesting metaphor on how life around us works. We may have all the experience of life on our side and the best strategies at hand and yet every moment has its own way to work. I think we all may have two great tools we can always use : remaining in the present moment and use our awareness.

There is one very important thing to be said: fear exist only in the anticipation of future events, therefore staying and acting in the present moment is devoid of fear. That’s why we can have a better access to intuition.

So, my question now is: Do we still want to come full circle?


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Chris Padovan


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