The Power Of Gratitude In The Workplace…

The Power Of Gratitude In The Workplace

Does the practice of gratitude work well in the workplace?

I have had many varying thought streams on this subject over the years, before making a vital decision to live my life in gratitude a few years back. I found in this, that I was repeatedly asked why I always thank my clients for their emails or coworkers for their assistance.

This resolve was often met with questions or the usual comments of “well it’s their job” or “of course the client will email they want something’ seems like a mute-point as this still a relatively new and transient way of thinking to those who question.

Ah, the human condition is still a fickle entity and that change is slow.

However, in a constantly changing and modern society where customer service and customer-centric business models are flourishing, the importance of gratitude in the workplace for both internal and external customers is becoming paramount for companies across the globe.

Have you ever noticed those particular co-workers that always seem content and tend to work seamless thru many problematic issues or concerns?

Or why is everyone always so willing to help that particular person. Rushing to their aid without much urging or review of the level of importance? They smile when they come around and seem to always have a positive response? This is living life in gratitude in its truest form.

When people feel appreciated and are given gratitude it goes a long way to strengthen their resolve in completing their job, their connection to the other person and their overall outlook in what their apparent dedication and value system. Hence a true human connection is born and supported which is beneficial to all. Studies have found that companies that support gratitude programs show an increase in productivity and employment commitment and engagement. It is in this perceived company support that employees believe that the company values their contribution and cares about their well being and co-worker interaction that will gain them support and value to their contribution.

Although some may think that gratitude could be unprofessional, similar to bringing in forgiveness and/or compassion to the workplace. It has been shown that all versions of gratitude and appreciation contribute to the framing of a workplace environment that promotes a more engaged and positive employee culture.

The practice of gratitude, appreciation, and compassion are all key markers to gaining emotional intelligence in the workplace. Hence gratitude is not the only emotional skill that is becoming more valuable in the workplace. The growing importance of EQ or emotional intelligence is gaining more awareness as is an empathetic workplace where employees can practice compassion and forgiveness by incorporating the practice of mindfulness, team-building exercises, company retreats, and gratitude programs.

Studies have shown that the outcome from this practice that grateful employees are more concerned with social responsibility, the company’s success, and Random Acts of Kindness that are not part of their job description and are more willing to step up and be of value.

Research has shown that the simple act of acknowledging and appreciating the goodness in life goes farther than randomly being positive. Giving gratitude not only recognizes the positive things in life but it also validates the person themselves.

This human condition is firmly directed by our connections and the lack thereof, thru all facets in our lives. These connections are affected and driven based on how best we interact at work, with family, and friends and associates which all play an indicate role in this vital part of our value system.

Appreciation is all about the person and the value that they bring to the organization. This will create an environment where people feel valued and respected for who they are not just the job that they perform. For Clients, this is a key factor that will lead to an increase of loyalty, and interaction and will become more engaged in the team that they hire to work with them.

In all this is no surprise to those who have been leading this path……

Thank you for reading! ~R


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