The Power Of Agni: The Fire Of Light And life Within You…

The Power Of Agni: The Fire Of Light And life Within You

Agni is the first movement of creating, the first spark, the first wave of light and life, the First Power. Leading into enlightenment, holding open the door to Godhead, Agni is the One who creates light. Light is wealth. Agni is first among immortals, the immortal in mortals, the waker in the dawn, the fire of sanctity. Agni is the Seer of truth, essence character of all seers and mystics.

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Agni is existence

Agni is an all-forward movement; the urger on, the spiritual warrior who removes all limits and ignorance. Agni is the igniter of your first cell, the fire of the pulse of creating, the light of AHA – the beginning and ending of creating. Agni is the fire perpetually consummating ever expanding creating in bliss. Agni is the light of existence, the light of life, the light in all life, glittering, glowing, the spark in the eye of the awakened ones, the glow of the awakened aura, the halo ignited, the shining one.

Agni is light

Agni is fire as shining, the glow of vital heat and life-force within you, the luster of life in body, face, and spirit. Agni is the light in semen, the fire of the testes, the fire in the ovaries, the spark of light and life birthing. Agni is fire as light, fire as burning, the spirit activated, the spirit on fire, the flame of the spirit body weaver.

Agni is the dispeller of darkness, carving a path of light. Agni is the protector from demons and the possessed, the purifier and destroyer of disease, darkness, and disharmony. Agni is the flaming light of the holy spirit, the bridge to divinity, carver of the pathway to the celestial kingdom, the thirst-yearning-calling for the divine, the spark of heart ignited, inner flame of aspiration and holy desire as well as the fulfiller of desire and aspiration.

Agni as creator

Agni is the high priest of the creating process, the Summoner and Caller of the divine through holy desire. Agni is the messenger of the gods, the bringer of prayers to God, the bursting sphere of fire birthing light – carrying the Wave of Light into manifestation.

Agni is generator and manifestor, spark of genius and shower of brilliance, the flame of inspiration, heavens ray of intuition, creator of new things, fire as catalyst and ignitor, fire of decisive, bold, risky action, the fire of soul purpose. Agni is fire and light emanating into creation, the spark of light that moves you out of the abyss, spark that lights up the abyss. Agni is the fuel for evolution and the fire that leads into all voids. Agni is pregnant fire hidden in darkness, seething fire in stillness. Agni is the spark of creation, faster than thought, the phoenix of the resurrected Self.

Agni is fire

Agni is the flaming rays of the sun, solar angel initiator, creator of the flames of existence, the fire of will that never gives up, the will of the hero/ine, the will to live and generate, the fire of focused mantra, prayer and meditation, the fire of your spiritual practice and soul presence, the flame of courage, the fire of your digestion that assimilates, discerns, absorbs and dissolves.

Fire is the source of water. He who knows this, Becomes established in himself. Water is the source of fire, He who knows this, Becomes established in himself. Agni is flame-light as a container, the flaming aureole of Shiva, seed and integrator of the 7 Rays of light, the articulator of awareness through language, master of the word, speaker and hearer. Agni is the illuminator of divine laws, the blue flame. Agni is consumer and devourer, the alchemizing fire of the holy offering of yourself. Agni is the fire-light of joy, the fire-light of beauty, vivacity of Shakti, the light of the generous giver, the giver of boons, fire of prosperity, abundance and the holder of riches, the all attracting flame, the eternally youthful flame, Self refulgent Self generated light and fire of Self, brilliant resplendent blazing flame of pure consciousness.

Agni is the fire within the embers, the smoldering fire, and the blazing fire. Agni is the sky renting fire, earth creating fire, the first fire at the core of the earth, the engine of Gaia. Agni is fire-light breathing in the waters, igniting the primordial waters of creation into sonic manifestation. Agni is the fire in the breath and the winds of force, the fire in the spiraling of galaxies, the fire that grows the herbs, trees and earth, the fire-light in orgasm, the fire in the substrata of pure space, the fire in your cells, the fire in the atomic matrix, the ever-burning flame of wisdom and the accomplisher of the discovery of knowledge. Agni is the fire of bliss and rapture-divine delight. Agni is the fire that burns all and consumes all, and yet is the flame of peace, the knower of all things born.

Agni is the fire that keeps family and home together, the great welcoming friend of all. Agni is fire-light that ripens and matures the soul, firelight that is the arising of your darling child, fire beyond all suffering and karma. Agni is within the fire of your desire for wealth and abundance. Agni is within your fire of sexual passion. Agni is within your fire of taste and your desire for food. Agni is within your emotional fires. Agni is within your creative and spiritual fire, the fire that drives your spiritual practice. Agni is your soul fire, the spark that is part of the all-pervading Fire of God.

Agni is truth

Agni is ever seated in the ecstatic fullness of truth, the mystic seer and honey singer wreathed in luminous thought understanding. Sanctified as light in heaven, heat in fire, and presence of soul, Agni ever holds to truth and dharma, Lord of a thousand eyes and universal vision. Agni is the wayshower of blessings, a friend of all, found in all, he who shines and create light without smoke.

Agni is who you are, the I Am, in everything and everyone, the Presence of Life and Light in all beings. He is the spark of light, the living fire, the wave of light, the field in which all life blooms. Agni is the generator of life, the first spark, the first light that resides in all beings. Agni unites us all, for his flame is the universal language of light, known to all, recognized by all, loved by all.

Based on the Rk Veda and the 108 Names of Agni found therein, and the Yajur Veda. Thank you to Peter Harrison for compiling the 108 Names of Agni from the Rk Veda. Written by Padma Aon in direct experience of Such.


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