The Perfection Of Divine Timing…

The Perfection Of Divine Timing

As I approach the end of my 40’s, I begin to evaluate the various aspects of my life. We learn from the time we are young that we must have every core aspect of our lives checked and done by the time we turn 40. For some of us who have unchecked boxes, we may spiral into feelings of inadequacy and despair. However, understanding the beauty of our journeys, “trusting the process”, and reveling in our presence provide us the guidance out of that spiral. The boxes I have yet to check include being a wife and mother. I firmly believe in the perfection of divine timing. I know that I will eventually check those boxes when the right man comes into my life.

Our programming from our families, society, and various dogmatic institutions determines how we pursue each step in our journeys. Women are led to believe that the female body has an expiration date. Women who give birth to children after the age of 35 are considered “advanced maternal age.” Many of my friends have pursued various skin treatments as an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance. When women prioritize education and career advancement, they sacrifice other goals, such as marriage and family. Even when we want to find the right partner, busy careers limit our opportunities.

Technology has given more opportunities for relationships to be conceived online or for our acquaintances to display their highs and lows with their partners. We have all been bombarded with the posts of women flashing a diamond engagement ring, bouquets of flowers, and other lavish gifts from their partners. Researchers have found mixed results in terms of social comparison that results from scrolling on social media sites. It is reported women who spend more time specifically on Facebook may feel that others have better lives (Chou and Edge 2012). In addition, rumination may result from overfocusing on one’s suffering, which is strongly associated with social comparison (Cheung et al, 2004).

Women have more pressure to achieve in careers, find a perfect partner, and have children before a certain age. Social demands should never cause us to compromise our own ideals. We deserve to have what we want, especially in relationships. It is important to listen to what our souls tell us. Whether we are set up by a dating website or magically bump into someone getting coffee, we should hold our standards and our integrity high. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to meet the love of our lives at any age. Life for a woman does not end at 40. As we follow our soul’s Divine purpose, our path will also lead us to the love we desire.

So, do we deactivate our social media accounts, upheave our lives, and utilize the online dating smorgasbord? As much I long to be in a relationship with the wonderful man who is my soulmate, I am content with the Divine Timing of my journey. While reflecting upon this, I recognize that The Universe only wants what is best for us. I feel happy for those who have a life partner to love and cherish. Dating and meeting several potential partners may work for some. I, for one, maintain my ideals and believe in romance, that I will meet the man who is the one.

Ultimately, everything comes to us when we recognize our divine purpose. This is the seed of creativity that blossoms to all the beautiful and wonderful relationships, work, and abundance destined for us. There is no need to worry about a socially imposed timeline, when the Divine Timing of the Universe is perfect. As Sadhguru says, “Those who do not have any sense of their own competence will become competitive.” We must be competent masters and creators of our existence, as our souls direct and guide us. Our purpose is to listen, receive, and love.


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