The Pebbles Of The Sahara Desert Are Intoxicating Me With Long Past Memories Of My Many Lifetimes In Ancient Egypt……

The Pebbles Of The Sahara Desert Are Intoxicating Me With Long Past Memories Of My Many Lifetimes In Ancient Egypt…

One day I am flipping through a magazine, and I see an advertisement: Come to Egypt on a Life, Death, and Beyond Conference at the Pyramids of Giza. James van Praagh, the psychic medium is going to be joining us. I see the ad, and it entices me to inquire about the tour. I call the phone number and speak with a representative. I just booked my trip to Egypt. I’ve always wanted to go to this ancient country, and now I am on my way!

Six months later, at the age of twenty-nine, I venture off into the sunset. I’m on an Air Egypt flight from New York to Cairo. The plane has landed, and I take one step on the soil of this age-old land, and I know I am home. I am traveling alone again this time, as I’m on a spiritual journey with like-minded people. There will be a group of speakers presenting their stories on their near-death experiences. I arrive in Cairo at night, and the hotel car service picks me up at the airport. Forty-five minutes pass, and I arrive at The Mena House.

The Mena House overlooks the pyramids, and I requested a room with a view months ago. I check in, and take the elevator up to my room, which I will be sharing with another person from the group. I look out the window, but I just see total darkness. I glide downstairs to the front desk and I say, “I requested a room overlooking the pyramids and I don’t seem to be in such a place.” The person assures me I have a grand view of the pyramids.

I proceed back to my room, and a couple of minutes later, I see one of the pyramids in all its glory. These colossal formations are illuminated with bright light every twenty minutes. That’s why I couldn’t see anything: first there was darkness; then there was light. I am in awe, and scream with such intensity, “Oh my God!” I simply cannot believe my eyes. I am blown away by the powerful mystic force these immortal structures convey.

I will be staying at the hotel for the week. I am attending meditation classes, and listening to different speakers on their near-death encounters. One woman died for an hour and a half, and survived to tell about her experience. James Van Praagh cancelled at the last minute, and the tour asked Marianne Williamson to take James Van Praagh’s place.

I have so much energy. I cannot believe I am here. I am so elated to be in Egypt that I keep looking up at the sky, as I am feeling close to the Divine. One morning Nancy, Dina (two girls I become friends with), and I wake up at 4:30 a.m. and take a taxi to a stable behind the pyramids. Arabian horses are in their stalls, and camels are lying down outside of the barns. The three of us climb on top of our camels. My camel leans forward to get up. The camel and I have risen.

We are walking, and we proceed to trek towards the pyramids in the darkness of the early morning. A light is shining in the blackness, as the full moon is piercing the veil of a light mist. Twenty minutes go by, and I witness a mesmerizing event.

The sun is starting to come up over the horizon, as it has done for thousands of years, by the unimaginable, awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza. Dawn’s early light is chasing away the full moon. The sky is swirling with pale clouds infused with vivid tints of pink and purple. The sands of the Sahara are engulfing me with a magical gift of love for our world. The richness of this ancient land is awakening my soul to a long-past memory. The pebbles of the desert are intoxicating me with feelings that are overwhelming, knowing that a part of me has been here before.

Do you believe there is a part of you that has lived here before?

Do you feel a connection to a particular place on earth?

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Are you in touch with your psychic intuitive ability?


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