The Peaceful Warrior! A Full Moon In Aries On October 9th, 2022…

The Peaceful Warrior! A Full Moon In Aries On October 9th, 2022

The Full Moon coming up in Aries is closing a cycle of evolution for the world.

What are you going to co-create this month? How will you navigate the challenges this revolutionary constellation is bringing?

Be aware that you are creating a new destiny for the Earth.

Yes, we are entering a powerful lunation that illuminates one versus the other. We will be asked to show up in complete clarity and in our totality, courageous and authentic, to participate in the collective transformation.

Aries fights against injustice and inequality; it stands for the individual to make everyone count, heard, and included. Aries is about courage, resilience, and strength; it nurtures the warriors and pioneers of the new Earth.

We are establishing an inner relationship with our capacity to be fully ourselves within the Aries’s parameters, the zodiac’s first sign grounded in the self with authenticity, courage, and Libra, a balancing and harmonizing sign prone to connecting with others and their perspectives.

The Full Moon in Aries, opposing the Sun in Libra conjunct to Venus, is shining light into the parts of us that show up as chameleons to survive or adapt and encourage us to become more open, deepen our relationships, and become more relatable.

Become authentic in your magic, vulnerable, and raw self. We are called to become increasingly aware of the times we feel forced to wear masks or perform versus engaging with our authentic selves and ideas.

Chiron is retrograde and shining its wounded healer light to show us all the times we have believed not to be good enough, feeling trapped and removed from other people, and being defensive and secretive about our imperfections.

Chiron will illuminate the times you lied to keep the peace or showed up, pretending to match the energy around you rather than shake it up with your authentic self.

When we allow space for integration of our shadow self, we make space for others to do the same. We use our creative power to separate and disconnect when we judge ourselves and others. Vice versa, creating a container for all our parts will enable a union to manifest into a connection with others and our source.

When Chiron is involved, many revelations around your wounds and your defense mechanisms will be revealed to be resolved. Be ready to host them in your heart to accept them and transform them.

Aries is independent, and Libra looks for balance; Chiron triggers the pedestal of our wounds to ensure we are not using independence to isolate and hide and balance to put on a mask and look perfect.

Many shifts in energy will happen in October, with many planets moving directly. The next three months will present an accelerated series of breakdowns to break through the old order era.

Uranus is conjunct in North Node in Taurus/ Scorpio and is about money, investments, and loans. Scorpio is about discovering betrayals and hidden truths in the banking systems. We are releasing the toxicity in the financial systems.

Uranus is revolutionary, and we can see it playing out in Iran, where women go into the streets to say no to this d dictatorial regime that keeps them without a voice and will.

The eclipse season will make the changes permanent.

Saturn is trining the Sun, creating bright ideas, clarity of direction, and knowing what to do and how to do it.

Mars is in Gemini and will scrutinize for truth. Jupiter will enlarge the information coming in. Because there is a lot of mental activity, the best way to obtain clarity is to drop into your heart. Use your heart to discern the truth, and avoid getting entangled in this excessive mental activity.

Use the elements to heal with the Full Moon in Aries.

Fire is the element that will help you with this lunar cycle. Fire can ignite courage in your heart and give power to your words when you need to speak up. Fire can also be an ally to let things go. Take some time to collect the aspects, memories, impressions, and belief systems you want to release, write them down and burn them in the fire.


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