The Only Resolution You’ll Ever Need…

The Only Resolution You’ll Ever Need

With the dawning of a new decade, there seems to be even more pressure this year to be “your best you.” If your inbox looks anything like mine, it is full of tips and tricks on healthy eating, new workout advice and how to make 2020 “your best year yet.” As much as I love receiving information and will gladly spend hours reading and reflecting on it all, sometimes I lose sight that the only thing I truly need to do is connect to my inner self and discover what actually makes me happy. Our ultimate purpose here is to deeply enjoy our lives and what that looks like is completely different for each of us. We are all so uniquely individual. That means how we create a perfect life for ourselves has to be unique to us too. We have to learn to listen to ourselves first, before we start to take anyone else’s advice on how to live our lives. The internet is full of information on what to wear, what to eat, what to watch, what to listen to, so much so, that sometimes we forget we have the responsibility to create our own identity. We are here to experience life through our own unique lens. We are not meant to live someone else’s life, but to create and enjoy our own.

So how do we do it? Use the abundance of information out there and apply it to your life, with your own personal spin on it. Try something new and if it is a good experience, add it to life to bring you happiness and health. If you have an experience that doesn’t feel good to you, unapologetically let it go. For example, say you decide to meditate.  Consciously choose the right environment, position, time of day, length of breath. Take the time to figure out what truly grounds you. Maybe it’s not meditation at all, but a walk outside. Pick the right exercise for your body. The one that makes you feel energized and good, not the one that punishes your body and makes you miserable. It’s different for everyone. Eat the foods that make you feel good. You don’t need to restrict your diet so severely that you can’t enjoy the foods you love or go out to dinner with your friends. Buy things you love. Wear things that make you feel comfortable and good. Find your true joy and when you do, share it, because maybe it will inspire someone to find theirs. Joy is contagious. Don’t become overwhelmed with a stressful “to do” list to make yourself happy. That never works. If anything, simplify your life so dramatically that you only focus on trying one new thing when you are inspired. Life is not a competition or a race. It is an experience. Your unique experience. Own your identity and identify what your bliss is, because when you take the time to deeply connect to yourself and what you truly love, 2020 truly will be your best year yet!


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