The November New Moon In Scorpio…

The November New Moon In Scorpio

Self images blind us from seeing the Self within others.

This is the last lunation before eclipse season. OMG, so we better make it count! The New Moon in Scorpio delivers a tough blow that can also bring about great change. But first, we need to take the bitter before we can take the sweet.

Let’s see what’s at stake first.

The Scorpio New Moon offers us the opportunity to transform the world, for better or for worse is up to us! What’s the best way to change the world? Change your self! It’s that simple.

And yet, it’s so easy to get caught up in celebrations or protests. However, when we work within the realm of self-responsibility, which is the most spiritual quality we can ever attain, we operate within the context that in order to elevate the human condition, we must elevate ourselves.

So what’s a good first step? Humility. Knowing that the world and what you perceive is a reflection of yourself and not the other. The ego will not accept this Truth, but it’s still true. It’s easier to look at what’s wrong with others, as we pretend we aren’t. Self images blind us from seeing the Self within others.

The fact remains, that we can only elevate the world by first being elevated, so you see it isn’t really elevating anyone but ourselves anyway. Until then, we should think about what we are really contributing to the collective and to take responsibility for whatever we pollute it with rather than trying to wipe our hands clean and taking the high road. This is about healing, not shutting down.

The Question Of This Quest.

24 hours before and 24 hours after the New Moon is a cosmic window where subconscious content rises to the surface and asks us to deal with whatever we have suppressed so that it will not contaminate our efforts.

In DASH® Astrology, the New Moon is a time to receive energy for our quest! To access the quantum quest of Scorpio, we should open ourselves to the following question:

What’s my relationship to change? (in general? in my relationships? in my work situation?)


I will lead a meditation upon this in my New Moon Virtual Ritual


Contemplate this question during the 48-hour New Moon window, and be open to any insights that come into your consciousness.

That’s the thing…..when we argue with reality – aka complaining – for days, or even years, we plant seeds for chaos and war. When those disturbances arrive at our doorstep, it’s so easy to blame others for everything under the Sun, when really it has nothing to do with them.

Understanding this secret will determine whether you’re a manifestor or a victim in your life. But don’t take my words for it, see where you stand in your life and gauge yourself.

I will also expand upon this in my New Moon Virtual Ritual.

Zodiacal City.

The Moon, which represents our vessel, will be empty and ready to receive everything it needs for its 29-day journey around the zodiacal city.

As it transits through each constellation neighborhood, it collects and gathers various gifts and lessons. Yet before it departs for its journey, there is a 48-hour window of preparation where it downloads everything necessary to make its journey a successful one. This is why I offer a guided New Moon meditation when we assure that we can receive everything we can to ensure a successful journey.

If you’re serious about moving on with the wonderful New Moon in Scorpio, you can access the online workshop.

This New Moon will affect each of us specifically. Depending on where this New Moon is occurring for you will tell you where to put your focus. For easy insight, be sure to download my Zodiac Hacks Meditation Workbook to optimize the energies and imagine the life you intend.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to give back and support my work, it is happily and spiritually received here (BTW – New Moon’s are one of the most powerful time to donate or tithe as it multiplies the practice manyfold).

Have a wonderful New Moon in Scorpio and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.


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