The New Moon In Libra Is A Time To Achieve Greater Balance…

The New Moon In Libra Is A Time To Achieve Greater Balance

Libra is a sign that is all about balance. Balance between fun and work, balance between masculine and feminine energy, and overall taking a balanced approach to life. Libras can be very artistic and intuitive but they are also very grounded.

There was a new moon that occurred on September 28 in the sign of Libra and we entered Libra season on September 23. The new moon energies last for about a week after its occurrence.

You might begin to notice that things in your own life are starting to come into more balance, or that you are thinking about ways to achieve more balance in your daily life.

The masculine and feminine energies meet at the level of the heart chakra, through love, so this is a time where love is in the air as we exit summer and enter into fall. Sweater weather is on its way and Libras are all about love and relationships. You might be experiencing the beginning of a new relationship at this time, a rekindling of an old flame, or more intense passion within any relationships you are currently in.

You will also notice that you may begin to feel a bit more grounded if you have been going through any sort of spiritual awakening and that things are beginning to make more sense. I am hearing the word “content” and “contentment,” and these are the feelings that are currently swirling around in the air.

The new moon is a time where new manifestations can appear rapidly so make sure you are journaling any requests to the universe.


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Emily Heron


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