The New 2020

As I look ahead to a new year, I wanted to share a little bit of how my own life goes along these days…. To be honest, I get tingles on my skin. I get rushes up my spine. I get excitement of the unknown. Truly the complete unknown. The year ahead looks like a downright blank piece of white paper, that I am about to splatter with the brightest colors I can find… This is what has been my experience for the last 3 years.. Almost near effortlessness. After leaving Corporate Management after 11 years, I leaped completely into a dark abyss. I had Zero plan. Zero anything. All I knew was that life is fleeting right before our eyes. Like sand falling right out of our finger tips…And fast. Our time here on this planet is but a drop in the ocean. A small blip on the screen in the vast scheme of things.. Some of us grasp, plan, struggle, trudge & push on.. But I’d like to tell you a little bit about what happened to me~ what I learned over the last 3 years since leaving the ‘cage’. I learned quite quickly that the more we grasp, the more we ‘try harder’, the more we work ourselves to death, the faster our life escapes us. I’ve learned that time can actually be slowed down, time can be harnessed, AND that life can become nearly effortless.. If you think about it, our life is not our own anyway. We are here right now, having reincarnated to learn our life’s karmic lessons. We are here living out thousands of lives over the centuries, & we have to keep coming back… In all the myriad of vastly different colorful lives we get to live out… (even if you dont believe this), I have come to realize, that the reigns on life can be completely eased.. You/We don’t have to struggle. You can if you want to, but I left that life behind. I knew that there is another realm, another dimension that can be lived within…. So I said ‘what the hell’, & took up sailing lessons. And that my friends, is when life completely took hold & I feel I haven’t stepped off the wild ride since.

In 2016, I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t compromise my happiness anymore. That I would no longer sell my life’s hours for dollar bills like I used to. I knew that dream worlds can be experienced, that fantasies can be lived out, that million dollar landscapes can be your every day, that you can vibrate at the highest levels of being. That you dont really have to write out Fucking New Year resolutions, because every day can be a new dream realized. So as we all look forward to the coming year, I challenge you to, in a way, reverse engineer this.. For me, my goals are as follows, & I’ll tell you why.

-Dance More

-Laugh More

-Love Harder, Hug more, Kiss more

-Write Feverishly

-Read more, as if your life depends on it

-Eat more Colorfully from Mother Nature

-Trust deeper

-Forgive, Forgive, Forgive

-Sing more

-Indulge in Pleasure & Enjoyment just for the pure sake of it

-Paint more

-Play, Play, Play

-Day Dream the most Fantastic Things

-Say I love you to yourself in the Mirror

-Appreciate EVERYTHING

-Thank the Universe for the tiniest details

-Live from a Childlike Wonder

-Say hello to Strangers

-Be Fucking Kind

-Give of your Time to Others

-Build up your Compassion Muscle

Anyway, you get the point. These to me are how I want to feel at the end of the day. I design my goals/resolutions by how I want to FEEL.The End Result emotion, so to speak. I don’t believe we should be writing out things like eat more broccoli, or a running goal up to 10k, or saving 30% more of your income, or reduce red meat. Fuck that… Start with the end result that you want. For me, my daily focuses are on play, dance, energy states, how I treat those around me, how I can change my perspective consistently when I come up against things that irk me, how I can grow emotionally… Even how much I can sweat through dance, how loud I can sing, how hard I can love myself & others, how much I can stay in FLOW states. I’m not sure if this makes any sense to some people, but I can promise you, from my experience, when you focus on getting your energy states & your body/mind into elevated states first, all the other things you’re dreaming of will naturally come right into your experience.. ! It’s like all the fantasy worlds you can imagine are there already, just awaiting right outside of your awareness, & here they come full blast towards you once you’ve changed your energy state, or your level of consciousness, in a way.

If you want that glowing skin, you’re not going to get it from eating more broccoli while you’re feeling miserable. You’ll get it from the glisten from dancing your heart out to your favorite song, or running wild through the woods, or playing for hours with the little children in your life. Watch the little humans in your life, pay attention to how they stay in Flow. Listen to how they speak. Completely unfiltered, untampered, full of pure imagination. They understand what we also knew long ago, that anything is possible. You can change your entire world just by focusing on FLOW, PLAY, DAY DREAMING, keeping the colors vibrant in your life, finding new ways EVERYDAY to step outside of your boxes.. And I’m telling you, say THANK YOU Thank You Thank You! Sometimes it’ll just come out naturally out loud because, yes, life is that beautiful… This life is a gift, so don’t waste it, don’t take it for granted. Trust me, it’s over before we even can blink our eyes. Our world lost a great teacher this week, Ram Dass, who said “After all, we’re just walking each other home.”.. So make sure to love harder to those around you. Let go of the past. There’s NOTHING you can do about it.. Focus on your mindset & energy state in the NOW. The Now is ever unfolding into a million different avenues, depending on what you choose to focus on…’ If we can keep it as simple as all of this, life will not feel like a struggle anymore.

The last 3 years of my life have been a complete DREAM. If you would have told me in 2016 what I was about to experience, I would have never believed you. From waking up on a sailboat everyday in the sunny French Caribbean with the whitest of sands, to living in the Alps in a tiny posh Bavarian town on a crystal blue alpine lake, to experiencing the ocean passage from Cadiz Spain to Casablanca to the Canary Islands.. Sailing the tiny coastal towns of the Sea of Marmara in Turkey. And then living in the wildest land of Lebanon for the last 3 months. This is only a tiny slice of what has transpired for me.. And I’ve learned you CAN loosen your reigns. The more you try to control, the more life starts working against you. So take it easy on yourself is my advice. Take things less seriously. But take your PLAY & your Pleasure seriously. My Love To You ..

Please share with me what your dream world is & how you’re stepping towards it.


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