The Missing Piece To Realizing Our Dreams…

The Missing Piece To Realizing Our Dreams

We can do all the right things.

We can spring clean our mind and master our mindset.

We can heal our hearts and forgive ourselves and others.

We can visualize our dreams coming true.

We can reinforce our positive affirmations.

We can release the fear and shame that we blame for not being where we thought we would be by now.

We can release the conditions on how much we love and accept ourselves.

We can learn how to do ALL of this even better tomorrow.

All of this is super valuable and beneficial.


At the end of the day, if there’s something you want – an experience, a dream, a desire that you’re desperately seeking and striving to realize – that you don’t already have….

Then you must get radically honest with yourself about how often you actually allow yourself to simply FEEL GOOD…

And to enjoy what is right here, to receive the depth of satisfaction, and experience the full-body, heart, mind, soul pleasure that you imagine is awaiting you when you finally get “it” or get “there”.

Basking in goodness has to become MORE familiar to you than managing the hardship of struggle.

AND, you have to sink sooo deeply into your enoughness that you know in every cell of your body that you are worthy of receiving – not because of anything you do – but simply because you are…

Until you access that frequency of deeply embodied worth, fulfillment, aliveness, unconditional joy in the now – not only will you not be able to access it when you get there – but you will continue to resist, repel, and reject that which you’ve been desiring to call in for all this time.

You can live by default.

Or, you can live by design.

You get to decide in every moment of every day what your experience of yourself and your life is going to be.

You get to decide today to stop mourning the life you wish you had and actually start LIVING it by BECOMING that woman who chooses and shapes her reality from the inside out.


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Salona Carlisle


As a feminine embodiment coach, transformational guide, sacred sexuality mentor,and Tantra teacher, Salona guides women on the journey into radical…

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