The Missing Link In The Law Of Attraction: Gratitude…

The Missing Link In The Law Of Attraction: Gratitude

When manifesting using the Law of Attraction, there is one step that many people, books, and websites don’t discuss. We are taught to make vision boards, write down what it is we want, visualize, and feel as if we already have the thing we want. While this certainly can help keep you oriented towards you goals, it’s rather empty. What happens once you achieve the goal? You might feel good for a few minutes, or longer if you are lucky and if it is a big accomplishment. But eventually, like anything in life, it will become familiar and maybe even boring. We will eventually take for granted whatever it is we manifested.

This is where the inherent problem with manifestation lies, and the way to overcome it is to be grateful for what you already have. There is a lot of wisdom, truth, and beauty in the present moment—in the way things are right now. If you keep reaching for more, more, more, bigger, better, etc. you might actually take on a lot more responsibilities than you already have. You might not even be happier or as happy as you think you will be when you do get the new thing it is you think you want. When we are filled with desire, inherently, we cannot feel joy. Joy is an emotion that holds a higher vibrational frequency than desire. We must feel joy, contentment, and gratitude for what we have if we want to increase our happiness.

Therefore, as any conventional wisdom will tell you, it is not having more things that will make you happier. Of course, it’s nice to have things, and we do need material goods in order to live in a physical body. It’s nice to have your outer world reflect the joy that you feel within. But not as much as you might think is necessary to actually make a person optimally happy.

In order to manifest what it is you might truly desire, whether that is more money, a better job, new friends, a new relationship, or all of the above, you have to work on being grateful for what you already have, and that is how the law of attraction really works. It is the vibration of gratitude and joy that will attract other people, places, things, and experiences that are resonating at a similar vibration.


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Emily Heron


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