The (Mini) Age Of Aquarius…

The (Mini) Age Of Aquarius


We are coming upon the beginning of April, which means spring is in full force in the northern hemisphere, and autumn is in the south. We are also on the verge of Saturn moving into Aquarius, one of the signs it rules. Saturn will be there for a while, and at some point in the near future, it will be joined by Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. Many people have been discussing Pluto moving into Aquarius, but that hasn’t tricked down into mass publications and mass discussions yet. It has mostly been occurring in small groups and very informally at that. In a lot of ways, you could call this the microcosmic “Age of Aquarius,” prepping us for the macrocosmic age yet to come. Because of this, I want to take a few minutes to discuss that here, so we know what to expect.

Let’s first look at the sign Aquarius from an esoteric astrology view. It is associated with the fifth ray, which is the ray of concrete science, also known as the hard sciences. In other words, it is the ray of logical thought and the scientific method. The ascended master of this ray is Hilarion, the corresponding planet is Venus, and other astrological signs include Sagittarius and Leo. This ray also enjoys in-depth intellectual discussion, long walks through laboratories, and early morning breakfasts after a thought-out but fun night. Be warned, though, and it is only on select dating sites.

This is the ray we are moving into as we exit the astrological sign of Pisces that has dominated approximately the last two thousand five hundred years or so. Theoretically, then, this should be a time of the return of science, the triumph of the mind-heart blend over just the heart when it comes to how to handle and approach things, and logic, more than whiny emotions, as was brought to us extensively in the age of Pisces. The song from the 60s was written about this period, so it has been anticipated and discussed for quite some time. Theoretically, logic, reason, science, rational, groups and all things related to them, will come to the forefront in much the same way all things Piscean came to the fore in the last few thousand years. While this will be a good thing overall, much like the previous two thousand five hundred years, there will be a dark side to it, which will pave the wave for the next period after that, the age of Capricorn.

There are two dark sides to this period, though—first, science. Science is good when it is handled moderately. However, if it is taken to an extreme, then it can be bad. For example, what if the scientific method of thinking is used when the intuition should be followed? What if people think more than emote? If science is used when heart intelligence should be, then there’s a problem. Coldness will replace emotional warmth, and the human component will get lost in the shuffle. Also, a second challenge that may come up is doing the best for everyone to the detriment of the self. We have already seen this begin to play out, and it is only going to get worse over the next several centuries. We have already seen it come out having to do with far too many extreme social just warrior topics. An excellent illustration of this is people that were physically born male, identify as female, and then participate in female sports. Sorry, biologically, that is wrong. And, there have already been several lawsuits filed, which is good. I don’t care what you identify as, but biology, actual science, should have a say in this adjustment period, and up until now it hasn’t, because people have been focusing too much on the human side, and not the physical sciences side. If you think that is a wrong topic and touchy subject, just wait. Things are going to get crazier over the next couple of thousand years, highlighting an incoming issue.

But, this will be a step up from the last two thousand plus years, which saw emotions given too much weight and attention. It is definitely time to balance this out, and like the rest of evolution, it will be a work in progress. To prepare for this, balance your soul between the two hemispheres of your brain in this incarnation. You can also harmonize as many facets of your soul as you can accomplish while you’re in physical form. The harmony between male and female, heart and mind, action and reaction, and liberal and conservative, can all be brought into harmony, as long as you are putting in the work. In so doing, you put yourself in a position to rock the next several centuries, and lift people with you! Food for thought…



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