The Magic Of Runes

Runes were considered magical when they were first created, embodying both the symbolic and energetic nature of the object they represented and broadcasting it to those who could read the runes too.

Runes and pictograms ultimately became a recognized method for humans to transmit written messages, whether carved on a template wall, the handle of an ax or an ancient scroll.

In yogic practice, the OM symbol is a widely recognized tool for connecting with all that is, ourselves and the light and energy that pass through us as we practice yoga.

Anyone who has chanted OM for regular spiritual practice knows that it is so much more than a symbol.

Time to make your mark

Over time, as more markings were made, humans learned to ‘make their mark’ and over centuries writing became a universal method of communication, instead of being restricted to medicine men, shamans, leaders, scholars, monks, and the gentry.

So now in modern times, the majority of children in the world learn to make their mark by writing.

Elder Futhark Runes

Runes, or Elder Futhark Runes, were one of the earliest forms of writing in North Eastern Europe.

The magic of Runes is that they go back as far as approximately AD 400, yet their ancient wisdom as magical creations and sacred symbolism still influence us right up to the modern day, and the original runes an still be used as a divination tool.

Runes are a powerful symbol of our internal need for pictorial narrative, since words alone, or feelings alone, are not as powerful as words, feelings, racial memories and spiritual significance combined.

Runes are powerful representations of our internal need for symbolism in life, which represents so much more to us than just a mark on a wall, or a ring or necklace.

Do your research when buying jewelry or items decorated with Runes

So when you are buying jewelry or spiritual tools that are marked or patterned with runes or any other form of spiritual symbolism, do your research and learn the meaning of the symbols or runes engraved on what you are buying.

The meanings of runes are energetic, embedded in our Akashic Records and go deeper (and much further back in time) than you may realize.

As an example, Gebo or the X is a rune. Originally this rune was created to transmit the meaning of a gift, or obligation. (Many gifts are given in the context of an obligation – we rarely give somebody a gift without a reason or connection). Gebo was an important rune which meant, literally ‘making your mark’.

Using Runes as spiritual markers or as a divination tool in readings

In modern times we say X marks the spot, and before people could write and sign their name an X, the Gebo rune, was used in many European countries.

If we choose to work with Runes as a divination tool, throwing the Gebo or X in regards to a question, and the position the rune falls in, can indicate whether a decision to give, commit, or fulfil an obligation should happen now, later, or not at all.

Runic symbols sometimes appear in my readings for clients, and their meanings are often very impactful for the clients concerned.

So when you write, remember the magic of the runes as you make your mark!


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