The Love Of This Holiday Season: Celebration Of Heart, Family And The Divine…

The Love Of This Holiday Season: Celebration Of Heart, Family And The Divine

This time of year is a magical and sentimental time for many people. Memories that we cherish from our childhood, family traditions we love to continue to pass down through the generations, and moments with friends and loved ones that make this season so special. What’s not to love about the holidays? It starts with family love – coming together as one, celebrating all of life’s blessings in such an intimate way–feasting on delicious food; singing songs; exchanging gifts; sharing laughter… and then there is divine love – channeled through childhood memories where you would see Jesus’ face in your toast or festive decorations could actually be seen as signs from God directing you towards His presence.

And finally, there is the reason for the season. This is the time of year we celebrate and honor His birth. It’s a time to take an opportunity to reflect on God’s love for us, and how He has brought so much light into this world through our Savior Jesus Christ. This season we take the chance to remember all that God has done for us.

What is the meaning of this holiday season?

The meaning of this holiday season to you and your family is as unique as the individuals represented by those you love. As we celebrate with family and friends around us, let’s take a moment to look inward at our own hearts… what is it that makes this season so special for yourself? What do you find joy in celebrating during these days?

With the pandemic that hit us, many have been faced with a lack of family, friends, or loved ones. It has affected us all somehow, and the extent to which we’ve been touched by this tragedy is something that can’t be ignored. The world outside our doors may not look as bright as it once did but now more than ever, let’s shine a light on those around us.

This is the season of love. A time where we can celebrate being together, honor the love of our lives–our family and friends. Let’s take this opportunity to remember how blessed we are for having each other in our lives.

When you’re feeling down or lonely during these days, just know that God is watching over you with His loving hands guiding us all through every day.

Celebrating the love

Your family is the divine love that is at the heart of this holiday season. This means not just your mom, dad, and kids but also extended members like grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins too! Celebrate how you are connected with each other through blood or friendship.

Being able to spend time together during these holidays can be so special for all. More than the gifts and celebrations, it is our presence in one another’s lives that makes the holidays so special. Do something to honor this divine love of family during these times, whether it is a holiday tradition or just showing up!

Celebrating all that we have

It is important to celebrate and be thankful for all that we have, even the things that we don’t have. All things happen for a reason. Focusing on the lack of something can block our ability to see all that truly exists. It is important to remember the divine light within you and be thankful for this gift!

You are connected with your own personal divinity through chakras and energy centers in your body. This means that your body is like a temple and you are the divine embodiment of love. Remember to honor yourself during this time by taking care of your body and spirit in order to feel full chakras! Whether that means cooking something special, enjoying some quiet alone time, or getting out for a walk, celebrate how important it is just being with YOU!

Ways to bring more heart into your life

Connect with the divine and your chakras. Chakra meditation is a great way to bring more heart energy into your life. Start with chakra three, the chakra of love. Make sure to clean it out slowly because when it is blocked, you may get the feeling that you are powerless and stagnant.

Yoga can also be a good way to connect with divine love and increase our sense of connection as one human family. Yoga not only strengthens our physical body but its mind-body practices offer us a safe space to find ourselves and connect with our chakras, the divine within us.

Family time is another great way to increase your heart rate because it brings you back into connection with everyone around you, including yourself. The holiday season offers an opportunity for families to enjoy each other’s company through cooking together or watching movies as a family.

Spend time in nature and connect with your natural surroundings to bring in a sense of peace and calmness which will help you feel more heart-centered. This can be done by going outside for a walk or spending some time under a tree breathing deeply while thinking about what life means to you.

Give back and help others in need

Volunteering is a fantastic method to get your heart racing because when you are helping others, it’s impossible not to feel more connected with the world.

Do one thing every day that brings balance or divine love into your life. You can do this by doing something kind for someone without any sort of expectation in return. Even if you have nothing to share, a simple smile can bring a lot of joy to yourself and others.

These are all great ways you can use the holiday season to get your chakras in balance, connect with divine love and increase heart energy within your body to feel more connected with family, friends, and humanity as one whole unit. Celebrating this special time of year is an opportunity to connect with your heart chakra, the chakras of those around you, and a time to celebrate divine love within yourself.

The holiday season is a time of year when we’re encouraged to share our love with others. This can be through giving gifts, volunteering in your community, or just being more loving and kind. There are plenty of ways you can bring more heart into your life this December! Reach out for help if you need some guidance on how to do that. Mija will work with you one-on-one to create a strategy that aligns perfectly with who YOU are so that all eyes are on YOU this winter! Contact us today and let’s talk about what it means for YOU during these upcoming holidays!


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