The Love List- 2020

February can be a month filled with fraught for many. Our New Year’s resolutions may have tumbled to dust after that well meaning first two weeks, leaving us feeling very less than. Then the groundhog comes out to tell us…Valentine’s Day is imminent!!! We barely had enough time to disagree over the Super Bowl half time show when this zinger is launched upon us.

Valentine’s Day. Hearts, cards, flowers, chocolate and a bevy of feelings that we aren’t sure that we needed or wanted. I feel like it is just an equal opportunity for disappointment. Guys are usually panned for getting the presents wrong, that is IF they don’t engineer a break up right before or boldly announce.. “I don’t believe in it!” We’ve all dated THAT guy. Girls fret while watching flowers come to the office for all of their co-workers and spend the day getting furious at the boyfriend/husband who forgot. Even if you decide to heap love upon yourself and rise above the occasion, that late night text from an ex just might spiral you off into a booty call that you will kick yourself later about. Honestly, I still can’t believe I fell for that one!

So…I announce with glee…The Love List- 2020! The rules of this game are simple. First, sit and think about things that you love. Things that bring your heart joy. The most important rule is that whatever you pick CANNOT be dependent upon another person or animal in your life. The experiences listed are yours and yours alone. Then make a list. You pick the number, but I suggest somewhere between 1 and 10. Have fun and remember that love is everywhere…

#1- I love the performance of Jim Carrey in the movie, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Soda, soda, banana. He’s funny and heinous at the same time. Sometimes I like to yell “Orphans” very loudly, just like he did.

#2- I love the feel of petting a cat. The fur is delightfully soft and smells like…cat. Watch out for the tummy area though. If you pet more than three times in a row, you are going to get bit.

#3- I love a hot beverage in the morning. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate…all are magnificent. There is something glorious that happens when you hold a mug in your hands and then carefully bring that warm liquid up to taste it. Extra bonus points are added for getting to enjoy it at a cozy little coffee shop.

#4- I love watching a butterfly fluttering by. They don’t seem to know exactly where they are going…like ever…which makes me love them all the more!

#5- I love the opening scene of Top Gun. The intense sounds of the music building combined with the scenes of the airplanes getting ready and taking off make me feel like I could do ANYTHING!!!

#6- I love the smell of baked good candles. I’m that nut in the aisle at Target and Walmart taking long hits off of the jars. Hey, sometimes I take them home. I’m not just a sniff and run.

#7- I love working outside in my blueberry field. I have never had a project like this before in my life and I am beyond proud of what has been accomplished so far.

And that’s it! 7 is my favorite number, so I stopped there. So, why not go ahead and make your own unique love list for 2020 and let’s fill February with love!!!


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