The Logic Behind Pacifism Explained!…

The Logic Behind Pacifism Explained!




NOTE: I humbly and with the greatest of respect request those still in pain from the loss of a loved one in Military service DO NOT READ any further!

The Concepts discussed will only upset you!

The Spiritual Logic Behind

Extreme Passafisim

What is Passafisim?

The Very Basic Idea is that you refuse to harm or kill another human being Ever under Any Circumstances!

You refuse to kill to defend your country.

You refuse to kill to defend yourself.

And even refuse to harm or kill to even defend you, children!

Not, all pacifist are religious, but many are.

For those who support this ideology for a spiritual reason, it is because their region tells them NOT TO KILL!

In Budisim, you are Not Even allowed to kill Animals for food! (Which is why they are all Vegetarian!)

From a Christian viewpoint, the law is,

“Thou Shall Not Kill!”

Are is No existing list of exceptions to the rule listed underneath as far an I know.

It is a deadly sin.

If you Kill, you go to Hell,

“Do Not Pass Go! Do Not collect £200”

NOTE: Passafest are NOT Cowards!

From Pacifist Bomb disposal units and medics of World War Two.

To Gandhi and Martin Luther King!

They are some of the bravest people in human history!

“What About You? Mr Writter Man?”

Just for a point of reference, just a very quick note on my perspective,

I do not consider myself a Passfest.

I am willing to Kill, under the right circumstances.

(Perhaps a little too willing!)

BUT Passafesim is something I deeply admire in others!

The Very Basic Logic of the Argument Is,

“Would you willingly swap $1000 dollars for a mere $1?”

“What about $100 for a $1?”

“Still No?”

“Then why would you consider swapping Heavenly Paradise for all Eternity just to stay alive in a crappy mortal body for mere extra 100 years or less”

Sovereign Lands Are Just Kids in a Schoolyard

God does not recognise borders, uniforms of flags.

Just as he would not differentiate between Government sanctioned killing and a common street thug.

Any more than a Teacher in a schoolyard would recognise the authority of a larger child telling a smaller child to punch someone!

A teacher would not be impressed when she askes little Jonney why hit little Billy if little Jonny’s only excuse is that slightly less little Mikey told him too!

Both Litte Jonney and Slightly less little Mikey will end up losing a play time!

I’m much the same way the soldier who killed and the Head of State that told him to kill would share the same fate!

Soldiers Are Entitled Due Respect

Obviously, the very nature or expressing Passisim and the idea that all that takes a human are Dammed, has social and emotional consequences.

Those who are proud of their own or family members military service to their country may find this concept highly offensive!

Those that are grieving the loss of a loved one lost in military action would be appalled at the notion that loved one’s possible damnation.

So you can Not just go slapping this shit around your local pub!

Or as in one Arse Holes case, in America, start protesting with their family at a military funeral!

That sort of lack of empathy and respect for those in mourning is a long far cry from any spiritual path I would choose to recognise as valid.

(God possibly does a large ‘Facepalm’ when he looks at those people!)

I had a Grandad (on my Mother’s side) who I really respect!

He killed a load of Nazis in War Two.

The Nazi were evil!

The Nazis were never going to be defeated with the equivalent of clever internet Memes and a Flowers.

Without the brave actions of people like him, I would not have the “Luxury” of sitting at home with all my “Up my own Arse” paperback intellectualism, typing at a keyboard in a comfy house!

It seems really inane and puerile slapping clever words together in light of the extreme conditions and achievements a much greater man has been through and done!

I really feel itchy and very uncomfortable with the idea that he may have been dammed for his actions.

So although I may suspect damnation of soldier s may be true, and that I do Not consider myself a pacifist.

I get solace from one simple (however misguided) idea!

How much greater and more Nobel is their sacrifice!

That those that have fallen for our freedom have not just given their moral lives but their very souls to allow us to be free!

To me, that makes the value and selflessness of their sacrifice infinitely greater and more potent!

“We Believe In One Money,!”

The thing is, If we all bought into the Passafisim Ideal then we would have world peace.

“Never going to happen” Or “Impossible” I hear you cry.


Less than 200 years ago the idea of heavier than air flight was a stupid idea.

Less than 50 years ago the concept of the Internet would seem impossibly weird!

You right now hold currency in your wallet or Handbag that Only “has the value” based on our collective voodoo like faith “that it has the value”

But it is only because we all agree money has innate value!

So if we can all believe in pacifism the vast majority of the world problems become solved!

If we can all believe in something as illusionary as money then why can we not believe in something real, like a person?

If we can Believe in Money why can we Not Believe in Each Other!


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