The Last Page

Every one the same quantum indivisibility playing the manifest theater real.

Every one the immortal essence peering through mortal eyes, feigning a mortal game.

Every one as free, as aware, as their shard of spirit demands, and mind allows.

* * * *

Those whose destiny it is to become seers ponder many things

Until they gradually become aware of the foundation of consciousness itself,

And in that observant attentiveness to the awareness that never sleeps,

Their minds discern that from whence all things come and go,

And in that awareness merge back into the indivisibility

Of the eternity that is, has ever been, will ever be.

* * * *

Is there any creature, any form, fashioned in this vast universe,

That does not journey to the conclusion of its paradigm?

All nature is naught but patterns within patterns,

All functions of the same choicelessness,

All programming of quantum design,

Indivisible within one and all for all eternity.

* * * *

The quantum indivisibility is sightless,

Soundless, senseless, odorless, and tasteless.

Only in consciousness does any universe appear real.

* * * *

If the world, if the universe, was truly real,

How could it, would it, every instant be changing?

Only you do not change, only you have ever been the same,

Only you have ever been the one and only you,

Awareness, witnessing a dream.

* * * *

The Tao, by whatever sound you call it, is always the same.

The same as when you were born, the same as when you die,

The same as before you were born, the same as after you die.

Life is a brief opportunity to view it the same while you exist.

* * * *

That quantum essence that you truly are cannot die, for it was never born.

You are eternity, the stuff of stars, come to life in a dreaming of time.

There is no who, no what, no where, no when, no why, no how.

You are the nothing more, the nothing less, the nothing but.


From “The Ponderings of Yaj Ekim”


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