The Key To Unlock The Power Within…

The Key To Unlock The Power Within

This is my journey to find what I had all the time My Key to Unlock all the things that lead me to true Happiness  to Forgiveness to a Peace that sir passes all understanding. After so many years of feeling the need to please feeling I had to be liked of wanting to fit in to the life of others I was taken myself out of the life I was created to live.I remember to first light  on this journey it was July 10,2016 I was called to give a message (Rebuilding The Walls Starting With Me) I really didn’t understand clearly what the message was saying however step by step each day each year a little bit more has been given to me the Wall was myself that was the Key SELF to first understand no matter how fine we say we are we all have some walls that need work.The Great part is when we accept that we have walls to work on it gives us full access to the key that unlocks so many wonderful Powers Within each of us


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