The Key To Successful Decision Making…

The Key To Successful Decision Making

Do you have a hard time making decisions? Do you find that due to you taking a long time to make a decision that you also miss out on specific opportunities that come your way? Have you ever wondered why you have a glitch in the brain that keeps you from acting more swiftly & more aligned in your decision making process?

First let’s define what a decision is before we go any further.

A decision is a specific action or a specific process that occurs when a resolution or a conclusion needs to be made based on a specific situation or specific questions one has in regards to an event.

Decisions lead to an outcome.

The more aligned you are in a decision the more positive the outcome will be.

It is important to align our own value to the value based decision we make in our lives in order to achieve the highest level of success for that decision. How do we do this? Easy, we collect information & keep the ego at bay.

Each and every single person has some type of intuitive understanding about what we are seeking which leads us to making a decision in our lives. Whether it be a decision about a new car, a decision about a new home, a decision about children, a decision about whether to have green beans or peas for dinner; regardless of the decision we all intuitively lead ourselves to the final resolution.

Decision making is one of the single most important skills we develop in our lives and we must treat it as if it is the single most important skill to harness for the best of all involved.

If you or someone you know makes a snap decision with lack of information and purely based on ego then it could affect the people around them even if they ‘think’ the decision had nothing to do with anyone else. It always has some type of impact on those around you in your world because remember our decisions are just energy and energy affects all of us in the energy field of that person. So why not learn how to make the best decisions possible?

Decisions can be looked at as a legal contract or a legal matter we have with SELF.

Decisions also bring up unfounded fear that we also must address BEFORE the decision is to be made. Why? Because why make a decision out of fear only to come and regret that decision later? Therefore, it is important to pause and reflect before making a decision or acting impulsively on the decision. It is ok to do a reassessment on the decision you are trying to make in order to see all sides while remembering to keep that ego at bay and your intuition in free flow.

Decisions help bring us to an end to a learning cycle that our soul is embarking on in that moment. If you look at the decision making process as an opportunity to learn and grow then there is a better chance of achieving a more positive outcome for all involved while embarking on a new level of success due to the aligned perseverance that set you into the action of decision making in the beginning.

So what is the key to successful decision making? YOU, you are the key. Polish that key of YOU and your decisions will fit easily into the decision keyhole you are wanting to unlock.

So, cheers to this new level of encouraged growth as you embark upon your new decision coming up!



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