The Importance Of Self-Caring…

The Importance Of Self-Caring

You are very good at caring for others? Loyal to others first? That is absolutely beautiful but,  What about caring for yourself? Maybe not much warm-hearted to yourself these days?

Usually while caring too much for others you start running empty, and self-care is not about been selfish, self care helps us reach our own infinite source of love and develop wisdom toward decisions, it helps you lead a healthier and happier life.

Consider these three main aspects of caring for yourself.

1. Warm-hearted and compassion to yourself

2. Nurturing yourself with quality time, relationships, and good food.

3.  Some “heart” muscular firmness to stand up for yourself, it means setting healthy boundaries, good intentions, and honest words.

It takes time and effort to learn to create a heart-centered life and full of self-care. It is hard to discover those patterns that put you behind everyone else.

Personally, I’ve created self-care routines that work for me, daily yoga practice at home, taking quality time and space for eating healthy, connecting with relevant relationships at least once a day…and so on.

If you feel you have some weakness in the three main aspects of self-care this is good times to reshape your habits, routines, or even believes. These times of confinement and social distancing can be also used as a positive reset for many things that were not working for your well being, as we go back into routines we tend to forget our most precious gift Your Self

“Be kind to everyone especially yourself”

This is the best times to  show up for yourself, To stand up for greater beliefs

Times to master relaxation, Times to be a quantum warrior to enter the unknown, The unknown within…

These are times to transform, the aggressive into non-aggressive, darkness into light, fear into love, self-sabotage unto self-care!

Start today


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Carmen Gomez -The Heart Balance-

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After more than 20 years of self-experimentation with yoga, ancestral wisdom, and loss. I´ve developed my own easy-to-implement self-ease routines.…

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