The Importance Of Kirtan Chanting And Mantra Singing In Our Lives…

The Importance Of Kirtan Chanting And Mantra Singing In Our Lives

Sound has far-reaching effects on the body and soul, as does yoga. A technique that combines the two is kirtan chanting, also known as yogic chanting. At its core, kirtan chanting is a devotional practice that uplifts the mind, focuses your thinking, opens the heart, and paves the way for inner peace. If you struggle with inner peace or often feel overwhelmed, mantra singing can provide you peace in the most joyful way, faster and easier.

In this article, we will explore the importance of kirtan chanting and mantra singing in our lives. We will also describe how you can start kirtan chanting.

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A brief history of kirtan chanting

Kirtan began in India as a yogic practice centuries ago as a way to connect with the divine. While yoga was the way to communicate with god through hardship and penance, mantra singing made it possible for anyone to connect with the divine. The concept is simple; here, you praise the divine in its many forms. I have guided my own spiritual sound healing through the principles of kirtan chanting.

Some scholars believe the practice began as far as 700 A.D. Between the 12th and 17th centuries, devotional singing became immensely popular. According to Russell Paul, the famous author of The Yoga of Sound, “Much of the kirtan explosion in America is inspired by what happened later, and many of the songs we sing were influenced by music composed in that era.”

Anyone can benefit from the healing effect of kirtan chanting. As a sound healer, I use the mantras to recreate the universal mystical sounds that resonate with the energy chakras in the body and remove negative energies. The important thing is to understand how this spiritual sound healing works.

Benefits of kirtan chanting

Mantra signing is nothing but a more engaging and dynamic way of meditating. It has the same fun factor as laughter yoga. The similarity doesn’t end here; it also gives you physical benefits like yoga.

According to a study at Cleveland University, the rhythmic tones that are generated due to chanting have a cascade of natural healing effects on the body by releasing some chemicals. It helps the body relax and feel happy without any drugs. In medical science, this effect is known as the Neurolinguistic Effect or NLE. It is a form of spiritual sound healing that gives the practitioner a profound sense of peacefulness through yogic chanting and breathing.

Another significant benefit of mantra singing is its therapeutic effect on the body. I help people connect to their inner voice with kirtan chanting. It is a powerful tool for dealing with anxiety, depression, and insomnia symptoms. Many of my clients suffer from these psychological issues and seek my guidance to improve their condition.

According to French physician Dr. Alfred Tomatis, chanting is a highly effective way to control emotions and eliminate negative thoughts. With western psychiatry, you can only reach the body and mind to cure conditions like anxiety and depression, but with kirtan chanting, you also reach the spirit realm. It not only heals the body and mind from within but also results in oneness and connection, building ultimate peacefulness.

Yoga Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explains, “Just as protons and neutrons are in the center of the atom and electrons are only the periphery, the same is with our lives; the center core of our existence is bliss, positivity, and joy, but it is surrounded by a cloud of negative ions.

Sanskrit chants known as mantras help to remove this dark cloud. Chanting can help you focus your thoughts during meditation if you have trouble doing so.

Chanting also fills the space around you with uplifting energy. This will make it much easier for your mind to concentrate, and meditation will become natural and effortless.

I have been using the same principles for my spiritual sound healing practice. I guide people through meditative states of the mind, body, and soul through chanting, music, and yoga. It has shown promising results in individuals of all age groups. Once your mind is at peace, meditating for a longer duration is infinitely easier.


Kirtan chanting or devotional singing is an amalgamation of yoga, spirituality, and music. When you chant mantras, you charge the environment around you with positivity that enforces the negativity out of the body. It also helps clear any blockage in the chakras within the body.

Kirtan chanting is the highest form of spiritual sound healing that help you find the One through inner peace. Singing together with others, you help each other find your paths to become closer to the divine and get rid of the ailments of body, soul, and spirit.


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