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I want to turn our attention to some of the cosmology found in Theosophy. In addition to what we have been talking about up until now, this is one of the lesser understood facets of esoteric astrology, yet I have found some of the most potent. In this article, I want to discuss a group of beings commonly encountered, as well as a particular location near and dear to my heart: Shamballah.

Let’s start by discussing the group of beings known as the “Hierarchy.” The Hierarchy is a group of beings that have foregone enlightenment to stay behind to help the rest of the species evolve. This is based on the esoteric teaching that when we ascend, we dissolve our individual consciousness into the Godhead, contributing to the overall development of the species. Instead of receiving this dissolved bliss, these beings chose to be available for those that seek them. That’s a key feature of the masters: They don’t go out actively seeking others, but rather they continue to evolve and let those that desire them find them. I should probably clarify a point here that many people ignore. In this context, as is true of all of Theosophy, the term master is not only a reference to men! It is used as a general term, and I have had to answer a lot of questions over the years when people thought it referred only to men when in reality it is gender neutral. Anywho…

This group has many names across many different cultures. In eastern traditions, they are known as Bodhisattvas and in the west, they are known as the White Lodge or the Great White Lodge, but no matter the name, the concept is the same. This group is comprised of the ascended masters from the seven rays that we previously discussed, but also many other beings and deities from all across the globe. Some people say this encompasses all deities, other people say only some deities are in their ranks. Personally, I have found this point is highly fluid and subjective. They can be reached through research, meditation, and ritual, and it helps to know where to find them! To know them is easy enough, but to know where and when it is easier to reach them. There is a short answer to that, and that answer is: In Shamballah on Wesak.

Oh, you don’t know about Wesak or Shamballah? This is where we get into the cosmology hinted at above, for Shamballah is a place. It exists on the astral plane, as does the planet Vulcan, and therefore is not a physical place one can travel to, but rather it is a place that can be visited through the imagination, astral plane, and through ritual. Shamballah is located in the Far East and has moved around from location to location over the centuries. Currently, it is located near Tibet (last I knew at least). Often times it is considered another name for Shangri-La, and in that way, it is very much a paradise in a lot of ways. In the middle of it is a beautiful, large crystal lake. It can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. This is the location of Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World. We will discuss him and some other cosmological concepts in the next article. Imagine it as a small community of spiritual seekers and advanced souls, both on this plane and not. Three times a year though, a party is held there, and you (and everyone else) are invited!

Esoteric astrology puts heavy emphasis on the first three full moons of the year. Generally, they are an indication of what the upcoming year will look like, and what we can expect. Remember though, that when we’re talking about the first three full moons of the year, we’re not starting in January, but rather with Spring Equinox. The first full moon is a festival of resurrection and transformation. You may notice that this corresponds to the Christian holiday of Easter, and the theme of resurrection is carried through, as Jesus the Christ is an ascended master. This full moon occurs when the Sun is in Aries. The second full moon is the one that occurs at the full moon when the Sun is in Taurus. This is known as the festival of Wesak. Wesak is a festival that celebrates the birth and ascension of Lord Buddha. Finally, the third full moon of the year is the full moon of Gemini, and the festival here is the festival of humanity. This is a celebration for all of the accomplishments of the human species, so the energy of this holy day is that of festivities and accomplishments. During all three of these full moons the members of the Hierarchy are present in Shamballah for various reasons: The first full moon is all about coming back to life after winter. The second full moon is all about meditation, Buddhist concepts, and enlightenment, and the third full moon is a reverie in the name of humanity.

I hope all of this explains who the Hierarchy is, why to contact them, and where we can find them. I have more information about Wesak on my website, and that can be found here:

Next article we will discuss the Kumaras, Rahatiel, why love is the law in this solar system, and a few other related concepts. Until then, enjoy!


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