The Heart Space

In 2020 we are experiencing a collective shift, nothing feels certain anymore, major events are asking us to question our means of existence on this planet, not to mention social turmoils all around the globe. These days magnetic and powerful cosmic events surround us, and we can not ignore it.

As a human on Earth with sensitivity, knowledge of the science of the heart, with deep yoga experimentation, I want to share with you a universal gift we all own to stay well this day: The Heart Space (THS)

What is Heart Space?

It is a universal access gate given to any human being, an incredibly powerful space for finding wellbeing, an energetic field that can heal you and heal others, a space that has its own intelligence and intuitiveness according to the Heart Math Institute. It has many names according to different traditions the Fourth Chakra, Anahata, The energy center of the spiritual heart, The Heart Space, The Love Gate, The Spirit…

Why is so relevant these days to stay tunned to our heart and in balance?

Metaphysically speaking we are experiencing a leap or shift from a more fundamental and physical way of operating on this planet, will power, control, attachment to more expansive spiritual realms, from lower frequencies to higher frequencies.

More then ever is important to dwell in the heart space and enable access to its infinite potential and the sublime frequencies of love, in order to be able to portray the vision of transformation for this planet, a new world based on more loving-kindness cooperation rather than fear and egoism.

What is a Gateway?

A Gateway is a cosmic portal, the Heart Space serves as the access point for downloading divine love, or sending out divine frequencies. The shift of frequency is asking us for higher awareness, a shift in our attitudes, emotions, and intentions, so we can align our inner potentials with higher realms. As a global tribe, we have the opportunity to become more aware and create global coherence from the heart, coherence between our visions, thoughts, and emotions.


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Carmen Gomez -The Heart Balance-

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After more than 20 years of self-experimentation with yoga, ancestral wisdom, and loss. I´ve developed my own easy-to-implement self-ease routines.…

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