The Healing Properties Of Selenite…

The Healing Properties Of Selenite

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Selenite comes from the Greek word “Selenites”, which means moonstone or rock, and is closely related to the Greek moon goddess Selene. An appropriate name, given its healing abilities!

This gemstone has been found all over the world: Australia, France, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Morocco, Greece, Germany, England, and the US. Like all gemstones, it takes millions of years to form. But Selenite is unique in that it forms from water seeping into the ancient limestone formations and dissolving the sulfide ores, producing sulfuric acid.

It then absorbs calcium, and this calcium mingles with oxygen and hydrogen to form Selenite. Interestingly, selenite is responsible for one of the most unique formations in the world: a crystal cave in Mexico.

It’s incredibly beautiful to look at, but temperatures soar to 118 degrees.

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The healing properties of Selenite

It seems only fitting that a gemstone named after a water goddess would be so useful in helping emotional conflicts. After all, water is the element of emotion.

  • Physical- Selenite can give healing energy to the body, but particularly to the nervous system. It can be used to help with epileptic seizures, and give strength to the spine. They also aid the kidneys.
  • Emotional- Promotes a general feeling of emotional well-being and balance, calming the “watery” nature of emotions. It also helps to bring up unconscious, instinctual, and subconscious thoughts, dispelling negativity.
  • Spiritual- Selenite promotes psychic awareness and third-eye expansion. This can be a tremendous help to unlocking higher realms of awareness. It also helps to cleanse the aura.

How to use Selenite

Selenite is indeed a unique stone, but it isn’t that different from the others in its use. Applying this gemstone directly to the skin will help you to absorb its energy directly. This includes bracelets, necklaces, and bangles. You can also place this stone in your room to give it a boost to change your vibration as you sleep.


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