The Healing Properties Of Amber…

The Healing Properties Of Amber

Usually, when we write these healing articles, it’s about gemstones.

But this is one of the few articles that’s not a stone at all; rather it’s fossilized resin.

Amber, as it’s called, is formed from tree resin that has succumbed to thousands of years of pressure and heat. Prized for its beauty since Neolithic times, amber jewelry has been found in the graves of all kinds of royalty and was even a form of currency at one point. Many of these discoveries were found in sites over 4,000 years old…some were even discovered in the Egyptian tomb of Tutankhamen. One of the most unique things about these beautiful fossils is that often times small insects would get caught in its thick and sticky sap, preserving them for centuries (this is actually the basis for the Jurassic Park movies).

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Healing Properties

Amber is considered to be a “solar stone”.

This is not just because of its beautiful yellowish color, but also because it almost always feels warm to the touch.

  • Physical- Amber is reputed to cleanse the blood, as well as move energy around the body, strengthening joints and ligaments and easing pain. It also helps to draw illness out of the liver, spleen, and other organs.
  • Financial- Combined with other solar stones, amber is considered to be a stone of manifestation. It does this by aiding you to use your innate talents and potential.
  • Mental- Relieves stress and helps clear depression, creating a clearer outlook on life.
  • Spiritual- Amber is great for the navel chakra, enhancing creativity and overall happiness.

How to Use Amber

Often, when talking about healing stones of any kind, the best method of use is direct contact of the skin.

This is why jewelry, in particular, is often the best way of utilizing it. However, sometimes a person may feel that they need to really absorb the energy of a certain stone; that’s when you can purchase the stones by themselves, and lay with them placed on affected areas- visualizing its healing waves deeply penetrating the body.


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