The Healing Power Of Amazonite…

The Healing Power Of Amazonite

Since ancient times, this sacred stone has been venerated and used in all kinds of cultures. Soft and bluish green, Amazonite gives off an almost irresistible soft luster that seemingly pulls you in…making it one of the most sought-after stones in history. The Egyptians used it to engrave part of their Book of the Dead, and it’s even thought to have been apart of Moses’ breastplate.

So precious was this stone that it was buried with King Tut, and the Assyrians associated it with their god Belus. During ancient times, many amulets were made of this special stone, with the belief that its healing powers would help protect the wearer.

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Healing Properties

Amazonite has a soft look and feel to it, and that translates to a calming energy. However, this calming energy effects us on multiple levels.

  • Physical- Interestingly, Amazonite is one of the few stones known for protecting against electromagnetic radiation. Placing it next to your cell phone or computer will help to absorb some of the undesirable energy.
  • Mental- Because it’s known for its calming energy, this stone has the ability to bring a certain level of peace to those who wear it.
  • Emotional- Because it imbues calmness onto a wearer, it inspires speaking with confidence and expressing our inner truth and helps to keep the masculine and feminine energies balanced.
  • Spiritual- As stated above, Amazonite is great for helping us to express our truth. This is not just because calmness helps our mental attitude, but because this stone is strongly associated with the throat chakra. Wearing it gives a certain healing vibration to that area, allowing us to relax and speak of delicate matters that maybe emotionally difficult.

Wearing Amazonite

In many cultures, wearing citrine is quite natural in amulets and jewelry, and that’s the same case here. Although it’s preferable and stronger to wear it in contact with the skin, wearing it in earrings also works. If you wish to use it in a room, place large stones in the four corners; but only in a room that requires high energy, not one in which you sleep.

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