The Hardest Lesson Of The Twin flame Journey For The Runner Twin πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯…

The Hardest Lesson Of The Twin flame Journey For The Runner Twin πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

The runner twin runs from intimacy. They have gone through trauma in childhood where they’ve lost or felt neglected by one of their parents. This was such a blow to their heart that they have closed it off and made a promise to themselves: “I never again want to feel such pain from rejection so I choose to run from anyone who shows me love, triggers my heart or wants to love me more than I allow them to…”

This is all self-protection mechanism where your runner twin is operating from the place of fear and wounds of the past. He or she acts completely unaware that they are doing this and even if you tell them, they may be in a denial about it. This fear of being loved for who they are goes very deep because somewhere in their childhood they made up a story that they are not worthy of love, having felt not enough to get what every child wants – unconditional love and approval from their parents.

These beliefs and sabotaging stories are now creating their reality, so they likely had other relationship where their limiting beliefs were affirmed (because that’s how your subconscious operates).

They may now be choosing superficial love, just to be seen in relationships so that their intimacy issues are not triggered or questioned. They may even deliberately do this to your face, just so that you ‘back off’ and leave them alone.

Having spoken to a few runner twin flames, the pattern is the same; – choosing to run because it gives them a sense of safety and comfort. But sadly, this false sense of safety is deeply flawed because it has a dark side that no runner twin will ever tell you to your face – they feel pathologically lonely, abandoned and deeply unfulfilled… For some this has been going on all of their life, so they got used to it and it became their “normal”…

They want love but their fixed limiting beliefs (about not lovable, not enough, not deserving, etc) that stem from early life conditioning block them from seeing themselves and their sabotaging patterns clearly….

Because never had a healthy model of relating they choose to feel like a victim in relationships.

But this is where it gets interesting:

This is how most of them GROW – through physical experience. At some point, their pain gets more intense than the fear of intimacy and this will be their breaking point when they realize they push away people who genuinely love and care for them.

This is where they begin learning and experimenting (again often through physical rather than books or their intuition). This is the biggest difference between the feminine who is so connected to herself that she can intuitively understand where she has energetic blocks and is willing to fix it through learning (Sartori or insight). While the masculine may choose to learn from another physical experience more than books, coaches or connecting with others who have been through this journey before and have valuable insights. The runner twin is often choosing to learn and grow through pain (kensho moments where their soul pushes them through adversity to learn a lesson they are avoiding).

This is why a twin flame runner may marry a deeply toxic person, only to realize that they sabotaged their happiness. Or they may date a girl who cheats or ant other experience that opens their eyes to the TRUTH… πŸ€”πŸ™„

Both are valuable though, it’s just a different path…

Yes, it may be longer to get to the same place of clarity but it equally teaches both twins patience and self-mastery…




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