The Great Conjunction Of 2020: Go Beyond The Horizon 12/21/2020…

The Great Conjunction Of 2020: Go Beyond The Horizon 12/21/2020

“Imagine having a student-teacher conference with your favorite teacher and your most, let’s say disliked, teacher. That’s what this conjunction could be like for each and every one of us.” — @ARIKXANDER

How can we handle an expansion and contraction at the same time? This is a migraine headache in the stars!! What happens when the giants of the Zodiac come together in off-the-wall Aquarius? As a collective we are asked to elevate our world into a state of love and to bring love into the world.

The planets Jupiter and Saturn will meet in Aquarius for the first time in 615 years. Also known as “The Great Conjunction”, this event has a lot of power and as a collective it can teach us many things. First off, we need to understand that Jupiter and Saturn have been trouble makers while migrating through Capricorn, unleashing the pandemic, riots, and wars throughout 2020. The two giants have not yet aligned 100%, but they have been approaching and separating, and will completely run into each other, exactly when they both enter Aquarius! Plus, this will also be the winter solstice, OMGGGGGGG.

It seems so random, but this cosmic meetup has been planned since the big bang! So it’s not random, as the movement of the stars cannot be delayed or postponed – unless there is some gravitational wave or a comet that knocks them off track. The trajectory cannot be changed, so, a chart that is forecasted for today, or for 100 years from now will come to pass. What does this mean? It means that the challenges will be definitely there and it is up to us how we handle them. We can prepare and use foresight to develop insight, so we won’t have to have regrets in hindsight.

Jupiter rolls deep and with a huge entourage. But Saturn is the fire marshal and is like, “okay guys, you gotta get these bodies outta here, maximum capacity is 100 and you have like 450”. Saturn is about limitations where Jupiter is larger than life and wants to push everything to the limit that Saturn holds. Space is Jupiter and Saturn is the room and sets the maximum capacity.

Saturn can stonewall and hold its ground. I mean, have you seen those rings? Either way, what happens when the party can’t fit into its desired venue? It’s quite simple, a galactic splitting of the party! Not everyone can occupy the same space all at once, so things will get shuffled around! Even Jupiter has to admit, it’s too much, and it has been too much for too long. Saturn is trying to figure out how to muster all the resources to make it happen, but it’s falling short. So clearly, we need to find another way and get smart about it quickly.

What we have to remember is, as I teach in my astrology classes online, that both Jupiter and Saturn are the teachers of the Zodiac but they both have very different teaching styles.

Imagine having a student-teacher conference with your favorite teacher and your most, let’s say disliked, teacher. That’s what this conjunction could be like for each and every one of us. The fine details of this meeting will depend on in which house of your astrological chart this conjunction is occurring. Either way, since it’s happening in Aquarius, it’s looking at humanity as a collective.

Jupiter, the merciful teacher, and Saturn the strict teacher are reviewing, not just you, but all of humanity for the lessons we have learned or failed at. This will be a test, make no mistake about it, and these two teachers will come together to grade our work.

It should be noted that both Jupiter and Saturn grade on a curve.

The best students set the bar for the rest of us. Why? Because it shows what’s possible and not what’s expected of us.

While most of humanity will fall short on this curve, the good news is that we are assessed as a collective by the best of us.

Let me elaborate, as I have been explaining this for months. One mind that is open, honest, and present, is enough to counterbalance all the self-righteous, hateful, and envious mindsets. As I am often talking about shifting out of this horrible reality that so many of us have created, we only need a minimum of strong, focused minds to accomplish this shift. Weak minds, while there are many of them, they don’t have the quality which always outweighs the masses. In fact, there are only 36 people who uphold and counterbalance the billions of selfish, narcissistic, and hateful masses!! So what’s being looked at and what could some outcomes be? First, we need to remember that this meeting is occurring at zero degrees Aquarius which, contrary to what many astrologers say, is not the dawn of the age of Aquarius. We are already in the age of Aquarius. This quantum point is setting a cosmic broadcast out into the collective as is, without any filters.

SIDENOTE: We have been in the A0A since the 16th century, which is the age of knowledge (Aquarius’s mantra is “I know”…, I know). This is an age of the syndication of information, technology, and the independence from teachers as everyone will be in the know. It’s an age of liberation from dictatorship and the empowerment of humanity. It’s bigger than 2020 and The Great Conjunction for sure.

How we are, will determine where we go.

What’s being looked at is our propensity to gossip and attack others. We are at a meeting point where we have to look at the battles we fight with our words, our laws, and the contracts we have.

Something we have going for us is that the current President has not brought the US into another war during his term, which hasn’t happened since Ronald Regan (Nancy Regan used astrology in the White House to counter the Presidential Doom Factor). In fact, President Trump ended long standing foreign wars and this is helping our cosmic assessment from Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. Why? How do you ask? Well, we should be traveling space like Star Trek now, but we’ve been too preoccupied with the drama and control over the terrestrial address and whatever’s going on on our screens. Jupiter and Saturn are like, you guys need to LOOK UP!

In 1405, Ming Dynasty fleet commander Zheng he set sail from Suzhou, to explore the world for the first time and made seven very successful voyages, pushing the limits to what was known at the time. We should be going in the same direction, pushing ourselves beyond the horizon and into space. Aquarius, the alien, wants us to explore space and perhaps find the solution to the overwhelming overpopulation problem we face on earth. The suggested solutions to our current problem are terrifying. If we set our focus on expansion, nothing will stop us, and space travel will become the new norm. There should also be an intense expansion of knowledge and information that was once hidden. With focus and discipline, “ships” will go further than ever before so that we can find a new settlement.

Technological marvels await us should we choose to support one another, rather than compete and take one another down post after post after post. Otherwise, with Jupiter, things will repeat themselves. But how much longer can we keep going at this rate? Are you going to spin-off of what you have experienced or are you going to grow? This is what the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is asking us. As Jupiter has been approaching Saturn, our long-distance travel (Jupiter) has become more and more restricted (by Saturn). So we already see what could happen and what tends to happen when our collective will is affected by cosmic events.

We should work to bring our inner Jupiter and Saturn together so that we can channel wholesome manifestations of these celestial bodies. Jupiter rules over the heart vortex, while Saturn rules over the root vortex. This is asking us to elevate our world into a state of love and to bring love into the world. I will address this in my Winter Solstice Online Workshop, which will help optimize this Great Conjunction. In the same way that a teacher is just a channel for the teachings, we are channels for whatever we make our teacher. It is up to us what we integrate into our reality as a teacher cannot make you learn or learn for you.

One of my teachers once told an audience I was in, “A teacher cannot throw the bread in the air and then all your problems are solved.” Bad teachers will be exposed, namely false teachers who talk the talk without walking the walk. As we leave the Capricorn illusions, we step away from the tools of illusional reinforcement. For example, there is no way someone who smokes weed can channel anything that will help us. There is just no way. Basically, someone who smokes weed and begins ranting on social media is channeling “something” but that something has nothing to do with anything.

Meanwhile, COVID19 is no excuse to avoid working on your personal or professional life. Do not let it scare you. Jupiter knows no bounds and wants us to integrate all the Saturn lessons so we can stop spinning around on the same wheel over and over again. This Great Conjunction will further propel the great shift in reality, and paves the way for each of us to go into the world we align with in our hearts.

As planned.


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