The God Complex

What if he (or she) has a fetish for complexity?

There are a few things we as rational human beings believe we know about the origins and fundamental nature of our universe: things that are taught in schools and universities, and commonly accepted as true (or at least ‘approximately’ true until the next Einstein comes along). Firstly, is that it all started with a big outburst of energy from a central point of infinitesimally small dimension — prior to time and space — and has accelerated outwards for more than 13 billion years.

Secondly, we know that as stars have lived and died, larger and larger atoms have eventually been cooked up and been discarded around the universe. We even know ourselves, in this way, to be stardust.

There are also a few things that we know we don’t know. Science may never understand these universal questions (and my never try) i.e. ‘what is consciousness?’ or ‘how are we alive when we are but the summation of supposedly unconscious material?’

Even more important to many people out there are these questions put in a different manner: ‘what or who is God’ and ‘what does he want from us!?’

So I propose the encompassing solution to all our problems at once.

The unified theory of everything.

The non-mathematical version. You’re welcome Brian Cox.

What if, the universe as we have observed and studied it to be over it’s entire lifespan, shows a general flow: a direction; a consistent perpetual tendency from the simple to the complex?

What if, even the ‘thing’ we sometimes call God, could be replaced with this conceptual observation in how the universe operates.

What if ‘God’ is this fundamental movement towards complexity?

What if then, consciousness IS matter, and ‘intelligence’ or ‘awareness’ is just is complex matter? Simple structures like rocks and crystals, water and air — are still conscious(ness), but without the necessary complexity to become self-aware or intelligent?

Would this not answer all of our questions at once?

It seems to finish the puzzle for me.

What do you think?


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