The Go Bigger Game-How To Push Beyond The Imaginary Ceiling And Thrive…

The Go Bigger Game-How To Push Beyond The Imaginary Ceiling And Thrive

You may have been taught as a kid that you could only achieve a certain level of success. Very often like the good little children we are, we don’t push those boundaries too much. Yes, some tend to rebel and try to prove their parents wrong. But in the end, we usually stay within the silly boundaries that we believe hold us back.

While I was also subjected to these limitations, I don’t for a minute believe that there is an invisible bar that we can’t rise above. Nope – I refuse. I don’t believe it because there are millions of wonderful examples who have defied the odds and succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. These stories aren’t made of miracles and these people weren’t given a special pass from the Gods. NO WAY!

There is one thing that separates the people who have pushed the limits and the others– their belief in no boundaries. They believed they COULD succeed, and nothing was holding them back. They allowed themselves to go a place beyond where most people believed was possible. We get from the Universe what we believe we can have – no more, no less. So why not believe in more?

Once we set a bar and believe we can’t go beyond it, guess what happens? We will never get past that darn bar. The block we built can be so large, it’s impenetrable. Then anytime we remotely get near it, we shut down and retreat.

You may be thinking, “What bar? I don’t have a bar.” It’s possible you may not even realize it but if you ever uttered words like, “I can’t, not me, I’m too this or I’m not enough that, not in this lifetime, etc.” or scoffed at the very thought of having more, much more. Then trust me, you have a set a bar for yourself.

The good news is that, like rules, bars and limitations are meant to be broken. The best way to do this is to stretch your mind to a place normally beyond your realm. Have you ever envisioned the perfect vacation, relationship or dream home and then you put on the brakes because it’s too crazy of an idea? Well, that’s where my Go Bigger Game comes in.

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”— Christopher Reeve

As a mom, it is super important to teach my kids any shortcuts that will help them in the long run. This includes not putting limitations on their lives. I, 100% believe, they can achieve anything and it’s my job to teach them that too.

So today, when my 11-year-old daughter and I went for a walk in the park, I thought it would be fun to introduce her to a game that I made up. I am pretty good on the fly and while I knew what I wanted to achieve by playing the game, it didn’t yet have a name. We later coined it the “Go Bigger Game”.

I explained that the object was to name something we each wanted, and the other person would challenge them to go bigger and bigger. Per her request, I went first.

  • I told her I wanted a huge master bedroom complete with a large master bath and attached master closet.
  • “Go bigger,” she said.
  • I expanded my wish to a large master suite in a huge house.
  • “Go bigger.”
  • A huge master suite, in a huge house, which was one of 4 houses.
  • “Go bigger.”

By the end of the round, I owned 4 huge houses with a full-staff and a vacation villa in Italy by the water.

And the game went on for several rounds. When my daughter first went, she simply wanted a whiteboard and by the end of the game, she lived in Paris and traveled the world with her slew of animals in tow.

While we laughed and had fun envisioning all our adventures, we both stretched not only our imaginations but also our goals. We allowed ourselves to dream big. Any bars we started the game with were totally removed.

Why can’t we dream big, be happy and have all we want? The answer is simple, we can if we simply allow ourselves to believe that anything is possible. So dream, then go bigger and watch the magic begin.

Like stretching our minds, being happy is a choice.


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